Friday, December 30, 2011

Ramey Talks First Contract Legislation and Michelin Bill

The NDP MLA for Lunenburg West is setting the record straight on his decision to support first contract legislation in Nova Scotia. Both the Tories and Grits opposed the labour bill and hyped up the legislation as a bad move that would hurt future investment in the province. However, Gary Ramey says he believes it's a case where Nova Scotians were mainly misinformed or didn't even read the legislation. "First of all, I got very few calls, four or five emails and two or three letters on the issue. On a daily basis I probably get fifteen to twenty calls about roads, ditches, bushes - that sort of thing and I got a number of calls from people who supported it," Ramey says another reason behind his government's decision to bring forward the bill is to ensure Nova Scotia's $25 billion dollar Shipbuilding Contract goes smoothly. "What we didn't want to happen is if there ever were a glitch along the way we didn't want to be in the position where we were introducing this legislation when there was already a problem. It's still not any easier to get a union started, you still have to have a union vote and go through the entire process," Ramey says first contract legislation won't impact the status of non-unionized companies such as Michelin because of Nova Scotia's long standing law referred to as the "Michelin Bill".

On Tap: Bridgewater's LCLC Project and Amalgamation

A majority of Bridgewater councillors say the loss of the Fairview Inn was the town's biggest story in 2011. However, some members have a different opinion. Mayor Carroll Publicover believes the biggest story was the beginning of a 10-year study of potential joint services and amalgamation between Mahone Bay, Bridgewater and the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. He says the study could impose some change in Lunenburg County. "I think its long overdue that we in an objective manner and a subjective manner look at the benefits of doing business together and possibly being one-government down the road," Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor David Walker feels the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre was a big achievement for 2011. "Bringing that to fruition, bringing us closer with the municipality in partnering in that and delivering something that the community identified as a real need is one of the highlights for me, I've been around here long enough to know that we have a lot of studies about a multi-purpose so that's a big one for me," Construction of the LCLC is expected to begin in March.

Review 2011: Tough First Half for Lumberjacks

It was a tough 2011 for the CIBC Wood Gundy Lumberjacks. The local junior club is in the midst of a troubling season, winning only 11 of their first 35 games. Head Coach Terry Rhindress says his club has been bothered by the injury bug. "We've had a lot of concussion related injuries, it bothers me a little bit that we haven't been able to put a full solid line-up on the ice game after game for the fans," Rhindress says his club has experienced some growing pains, which has left them in last place in the Bent Division. "Yeah, we are in last place but when you look at some of the games we lost, a lot of them were heartbreakers. We out played a lot of teams but just didn't get the bounces," The Jacks will need to post some early wins in 2012 to give themselves a shot at the playoffs. Their first game of the new year will be Tuesday, January 3rd at home against Truro.

Curling: AMJ Championship Heating Up in Windsor

A playoff spot is on the line this morning at the AMJ Campbell Provincial Junior Curling championships in Windsor when defending champ Lindsay Doucet of Chester faces Mayflower's Emily Dwyer in the "B" Division final. Dwyer is unbeaten while Doucet's only loss came against Dwyer yesterday. Four other teams are still alive including Chester's Mary Fay. Action kicked off this morning at 9 o'clock. On the guys side four teams are still in the hunt with Colten Steele of Dartmouth and Stuart Thompson of Mayflower leading the way with 4-1 records. Thomas Raddall of Bridgewater was eliminated last evening following a 10-6 to Robert Mayhew. Winners will advance to the Canadian championships in Napanee, Ontario next month

Review 2011: Fire @ White Point Beach Resort

It was a year marred by tragedy for White Point. In a year-end interview with the General Manager of the Liverpool-based resort, Danny Morton tells us the November 12 fire abruptly halted a good business season. He reflects on the day fire broke out in the main lodge. "It really was one of those periods where you're just thinking moment to moment and you can only do what you can do in the moment...but if there was a point where you had down time, that's when the emotion would throw you for a loop but you'd have to shake it on and look forward," The fire eventually destroyed the lodge, temporarily putting around 100 employees out of work. Morton says the community support has been overpowering. "It was unexpected to the degree that it has happened. For my whole staff and myself, we're all just very grateful for the role that we are playing in the community," A design team has been announced with plans to have a new main lodge built by the fall.

Bowater Mersey Top Story for MLA

Queens County has certainly had its share of ups and downs for 2011. From the death and murder trial of Laura Lee Robertson to the opening of Queens Place, the region was the centre of attention for the South Shore this year. Queens MLA Vicki Conrad spoke to CKBW/HANK FM News in a year-end interview. She says Bowater was the region's top story this year."I think the impact had Bowater shut it doors would have been felt throughout the South Shore, I mean we're talking about 2,000 direct or indirect jobs," Other highlights for Conrad include the tragic fire at White Point that destroyed the Liverpool-based resorts historic lodge. Conrad was also pleased the NDP government moved ahead with First Contract Arbitration during the fall session of the legislature.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Curling: Dartmouth Rink Secures Top Seed at AMJ

Dartmouth's Colton Steele has grabbed the first playoff spot at the AMJ Campbell Junior Curling Championships in Windsor.  Steele topped Drew MacCormack of the host club 8-3 in today's "A" division qualifier.  Meantime, Thomas Raddall of Bridgewater dropped to 2-2 after an 11-3 setback against Stuart Thompson of Mayflower. Raddall faces elimination in tonight's 8 o'clock draw. In the junior women's division Lindsay Doucette and Micayla Dorey of Chester are both 2-1 while clubmate Mary Faye is in a must-win situation at 0-2.

Review 2011: Chester has a busy December

It was a hectic finish to 2011 for residents and council in Chester. A long standing land dispute within Wild Rose Park in Western Shore was resolved through expropriation just days before Christmas. The same day, council announced it would enter into a lease-purchase agreement with a private company to rebuild the beloved wharf within the park. During a year end interview, Warden Allen Webber admits they were big decisions to cap off a busy year. "Council has set the table, I guess is one way of describing it because we have these two big decisions - Wild Rose Park and the Western Shore Wharf - we've also received approval for $5.5 million wind energy project. Although those are big decision in this particular fiscal period, the real work starts next year and the year after,"  Webber also assured residents they won't see any tax spikes specific to the Wild Rose Park situation. Expropriating the land is expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Scam: Cleaning Company Making Rounds in Lunenburg

Seniors are the target of the latest scam circulating in Lunenburg. RCMP say tenants of two separate apartment buildings in the town have been approached by an unregistered cleaning company since Christmas. Those behind the scam offer to steam clean carpets and upholstery for set price. However, once the service has been complete the supplier attempts to charge more for extra services or work they never carried out. Those involved with the bogus company have even offered to take clients to a bank to get the extra cash. It doesn't appear the operators were successful in obtaining extra money from these clients. Mounties are urging residents to contact the Better Business Bureau before hiring private businesses.

Mawhinney: Bright Future for Historic Town

The Town of Lunenburg's long time mayor believes the future is bright for the historic community. Laurence Mawhinney is one of the longest serving mayors in Canada and has a string of 32 consecutive years in the role. In a year end interview, Mawhinney says he's still energized by the job and the community after all these years. "I've always felt if you continue to reinvent yourself with new ideas and new creativity you can keep going as long as the strength and the spirit is there - so it's a vibrant community - but also in this vibrant community we need to be able to attract younger people. I'm thinking as the shipbuilding program evolves in Nova Scotia, the next number of years are going to be invigorating for the future of Lunenburg and the South Shore," Meanwhile, Mawhinney says 2012 could be the greatest year on record for tourism in Lunenburg County. He points to the arrival of the Tall Ships and the launch of Bluenose II in the summer as examples. Mawhinney says he also looks forward to the opening of the new Bluenose Academy in the new year as well.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bridgewater Mayor chimes in on 2011

Mayor Carroll Publicover
The Mayor of Bridgewater is reflecting on the year that was for 2011. Carroll Publicover says it was a sound year for the town, which featured a number of events including the sod turning at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre. Publicover says he's most proud of the work of council.
"We continue to grow our community efficiently through the BDA and through the council. We're very open to development, we try to cooperate with developers and work together to make situations work for the community, work for neighbours and work for everybody."
Publicover says he regrets not reconstructing North and Aberdeen sooner in his term as Mayor.
"I would've really hoped to have North and Aberdeen Roads reconstructed and a real redo of those for infrastructure purposes, traffic-flow purposes and for efficiency purposes."
He adds, it was a tough year for two heritage properties in the town. The Fairview Inn was demolished after a fire in June and council voted to de-register the Riverview Community Centre as a heritage building. He considers a study exploring opportunities for shared services and governance options between the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, Bridgewater and Mahone Bay to be the biggest news story of the year for the town.

LOCATED: Elderly Couple missing since Boxing Day

It was a quick and happy ending in the search for a missing elderly couple from Annapolis County. RCMP say 80 year-old Marjorie Cook and 74 year-old Wayne Sharp were located in a convenience store in Springfield. The couple had been shopping in Bridgewater since Boxing Day but never told their daughter about their plans to stay overnight. The couple's daughter contacted police on December 27th after they never returned to their home in Springfield.

Review 2011: South Shore-St. Margarets MP Gerald Keddy

The MP for South Shore-St Margaret's says 2011 had its challenges but overall was a successful year. Gerald Keddy says North America is still feeling the effects of the recession in 2007 but adds there are a few bright spots on the horizon. During a year end interview, Keddy pointed to Nova Scotia's successful bid to secure the $25 billion dollar shipbuilding contract as a main highlight. He also spoke about the importance of the May 2nd election when Canadians elected a majority Conservative government. "In the current economic state that not just North American is in but the entire world is in, to have a good stable government to pursue economic policies that are important to Canadians and help to encourage job growth and save as many jobs as possible during this downturn is extremely important," Other highlights for Keddy include the progress on the Queens Place Athletic Centre project in Liverpool and the new Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre in Bridgewater.

Review 2011: Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Nova Scotia's debt-load is getting worse by the day. That's the conclusion of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Atlantic president Kevin Lacey says the government has little room to move and we're all paying for it. In a year-end interview with CKBW/Hank-FM News, Lacey says according to the size of Nova Scotia's economy, this province carries the highest tax burden of any province in Canada. "Our debt, federal and provincial debt is going up about $32.00 per second per person in this province. Our total debt per person is about $30,000 and that's a huge debt, it's getting worse before it's getting better," Meanwhile, Lacey is not very optimistic about 2012, he predicts more of the same - an increased deficit and taxpayers paying "through the nose".

Friday, December 23, 2011

BREAKING: Wild Rose Park Wharf to Undergo Major Facelift

It's a big announcement surrounding the restoration of an important piece of Wild Rose Park. The Municipality of the District of Chester will enter into a lease purchase agreement with a new private-sector company to rebuild the wharf. The company is called Western Shore Wharf Corporation Limited and Warden Allen Webber says they have agreed to invest into the restoration project. "They will spend in the order of $400,000 on upgrades to the wharf, lease it from us for five years with some ability for exclusive use also guaranteeing the public full access to the facility," The company will have the option of buying the wharf from the municipality once the work in complete for $1.00 with restrictions that it remain open for public use. Webber says the municipality could buy the wharf back for the same price from Wharf Corp down the road.  The dilapidated wharf has been a sore spot for many residents and visitors because it does limit access to the ocean.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Aberdeen Road property owner fires back at Town

The building owner at 99 Aberdeen Road is disgusted with the lack of police presence in Bridgewater. Frank Rhyno says his building has been broken into at least 40 times, there's been thousands of dollars in smashed windows but not one criminal conviction. He says the days of him pumping more money into the property are done.
"I pay a lot of taxes and what do I get in return for that; vandalism, break and enter. What do I get for convictions and restitution; nothing."
He says he's fed up with people smashing windows and not facing criminal punishment.

"You get tired of this after a while. This is not the first time with Bridgewater's police and their negligence as far as I'm concerned. Why the mayor and the councillors want to dig at me on this, I don't know, but I think they need to clean up their own departments first before getting on my back."
Rhyno says he does care about the building, but is tired of spending thousands of dollars on windows that continually get smashed. He says town council should leave the matter alone for now, because they're hurting the potential sale of the property.

White Point announces Design team for Rebuild

Call it an early Christmas gift for the people at White Point. The owner of the Queens County resort, Robert Risley, announced Thursday that he's hired a team to move forward with designing and building the new main lodge. Risley tells CKBW/HANK-FM News that it's great news six weeks after a devasting fire destroyed the historic lodge.
"The more I thought about it and the more I talked to our own team and just about a ton of people from all over the world, the more you realize how important White Point is to everybody and it really spurs you on to get this thing gonig and get it back in business."
Risley has hired WHW Architects as their architectural firm, Design 360 as interior designers and J.W. Lindsay Enterprises as the construction manager. Risley says their budget to rebuild is around $4-million. The public are being invited to participate with their design ideas as well. Submissions are being invited at

BREAKING: Chester Council to Expropriate Land in WIld Rose Park

For the first time in decades, the municipality of Chester is taking action to acquire private land within Wild Rose Park in Western Shore. Council voted this morning to expropriate a dozen properties, giving the park complete public access. CKBW/HANK FM's Steve MacArthur was in Chester for the meeting. "It was a unanimous decision on behalf of the Municipality of the District of Chester today to expropriate the twelve pieces of private land within Wild Rose Park. A standing room only crowd packed the council chambers to hear the decision. Many of them where pleased to finally learn this issue will come to a head - its been ongoing in the community for more than 15 years. The Western Shore and Area Improvement Association purchased the land back in 1996 for $1.00 but never legally acquired the private land within the park so that's what brings us here today. Now, its a matter of the municipality entering into negotiations with those land owners to work out a dollar amount for their land," Warden Allen Webber says the municipality has approximately $200,000 in a reserve fund to purchase the land. Negotiations will begin almost immediately. Should there be a dispute on the monetary value of the land, the matter would be turned over and settled through the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

New Russell home destroyed by Fire

A couple escaped serious injury but lost their home and belongings to fire early this morning near New Ross. A mobile home was destroyed around 3:30 a.m. at 301 Clearwater Drive in New Russell. New Ross Fire Chief Scott Reeves says the cause of the fire looks to be electrical.
"The fire started behind a sofa in the livingroom where there was an electrical outlet and some power cords."
Several fire departments were called to the blaze including Kentville, Chester Basin and Windsor.
Reeves says the home wasn't insured and the family dog died during the fire.

Kettle Campaign Needs Help

The Salvation Army is hoping a final push helps their annual Christmas Kettle Campaign. Donations in Bridgewater haven't been as strong this season compared with previous yearly totals. Captain Stephen Holland is hoping folks dig deep over the next few days. He says part of the money raised is used to provide children and families along the South Shore with the basic necessities of life. "This last week is are big drive and we're down a little bit from last year....we're actually down about $9,000. I'm hoping this week we'll be able to pick it up and have that money available to provide for families or individuals with any emergency's they may have," The Salvation Army also uses money from the kettle campaign to provides shelter for the homeless and rehabilitation those dealing with addiction. Members will be around town collecting kettle donations until Christmas Eve.

Mustangs take on Panthers in Annual Alumni game

It's a game featuring some of the best hockey players of years gone by.The South Shore Canadian Tire Mustangs annual Alumni game will be played Friday night at the Bridgewater Memorial Arena. This years fundraiser will see Mustang Alumni take on Park View Panther alumni. Former players including Jacob Conrad of the Gatineau Olympiques is expected to suit up. Game time is 7pm Friday night in Bridgewater. Proceeds of the game will go towards both teams.

Thursday: Chester to Discuss Wild Rose Park

The future of Wild Rose Park will be a lively agenda item around the council table in Chester this morning. The public park was constructed in 1996 by the Western Shore and Area Improvement Association, however the group never legally acquired the private land within the park. Now, some of the private land owners are looking to develop their land. Warden Allen Webber says council is faced with a decision on whether or not to keep the park fully accessible. "What council has to do is determine in their own minds, whether or not there is sufficient public interest in maintaining or preserving Wild Rose Park as it exists today or whether there is insufficient public interest and therefor walk away and it will cease to exist as we know it today," Webber says council has a numbers of avenues to consider and expropriation is an option they will explore. The public meeting will be held at 8:45AM from the municipal offices in Chester.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bridgewater Councillor suggests demolishing 99 Aberdeen Road property

Councillor David Mitchell
The state of the building at 99 Aberdeen Road continues to bother at least one member of Bridgewater council. David Mitchell says something needs to be done to fix the eyesore in the heart of the town. He says he's fed up with the look of the building.
"Well, I think it's pretty sad when someone owns a piece of property in any community and then just lets it get to that condition and doesn't care that it's in that condition. My thought is, and it is almost the same as the Mayor, I think it's about time that building came down."
Mitchell says it's the owners responsibility to upkeep the building, and right now, that's not being done.

A call to the building's owner, Frank Rhyno, wasn't returned.

Municipality awards vehicle tender to Queens Chrysler

It's an example of buying local to support South Shore business. The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg has awarded a tender to Queens Chrysler for the purchase of a 2012 Jeep Patriot. The cost of the vehicle is $21,640, plus HST. The Municipality received seven tenders all from local companies including Saunders Motors, Mosher Motors and O'Regan's South Shore. The new 2012 Jeep Patriot will be used for Building Inspection, replacing a 2004 Chevy Silverado.

Glo to meet fans in Lunenburg

Glo McNeill
Here's your chance to meet the self-described 'little old lady'. Glo McNeill will be at the Lunenburg SaveEasy from 4-6pm Wednesday evening to talk about the season finale of Recipe to Riches, sign autographs and meet her fans. The 82-year-old recently won the Food Network's grand prize of $250,000 for receiving the most votes from Canadians. Her Luscious Lemon Pudding will also be available to buy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hunter Accidentally Shot in Shelburne County

A hunting trip went terribly wrong in Shelburne County this afternoon when a man was accidentally shot in the leg. Police say the incident happened around 2 o'clock in the Villagedale area. Three men were hunting together at the time when the 21 year-old was hit by gunfire. The victim is from Clark's Harbour and was transported to Yarmouth Regional Hospital by EHS with non-life threatening injuries.  Barrington RCMP say the will investigate the matter.

Salvation Army Toy Drive: "Huge Success"

It's a story of generosity that warms your heart just in time for the Holidays. Captain Stephen Holland of the Bridgewater Salvation Army says this seasons Toy Drive was a huge success. So huge, that every family or individual who enrolled in the program will receive a gift this Christmas. "I want to thank everybody in the community for their support. You know, we couldn't do it without the community going the extra mile with their donations of toys and its really making a Christmas for everyone, I'm sure," More than 250 families in Lunenburg County applied to the organization for help this year through their annual Toy Drive.

Remuneration Committee to review Bridgewater council

An independent committee is being set up to review Bridgewater town council's compensation and benefits. The Council Remuneration Review Committee is expected to be in place following the 2012 elections. Mayor Carroll Publicover says the committee will help keep council open and transparent. Council currently base their remuneration on evaluating similar sized municipalities including Yarmouth, Truro, Kentville and New Glasgow. The committee will consist of five members, including three Bridgewater residents, and two former town councillors or mayors.

Man escapes injury after vehicle rollover

A 69-year-old man escaped injury after rolling his car over in Upper LaHave. The incident happened just before 12:30 Monday afternoon at 6206 Highway 332. Constable Rob James with Lunenburg County RCMP says it wasn't your typical accident.
"A 69-year-old male was temporarily blinded by the sun, while, I believe, going around a corner and rolled over an embankment. He sustained no injuries, his vehicle was towed out and there are no charges forthcoming."
Dayspring and District Fire Department responded to the call while Oakhill was stood down moments after being paged to assist. James says people should reduce their speed if the sun gets in their eyes while driving.

Provincial Berth for Dorey Rink

Chester's Micayla Dorey grabbed the final Provincial Junior Womens curling spot at a Halifax playdown on Sunday.  Dorey scored five in the third end en route to a 10-4 win over a Mayflower squad. Dorey joins clubmates Mary Fay and Lindsay Doucet in the eight team event.  On the guys side, Thomas Raddall of Bridgewater is the lone South Shore rink in the field. The AMJ Provincials start one week from today at the Windsor Club.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bailey breaks 15-year record for Mustangs

Brennan Bailey
A South Shore Canadian Tire Mustang has broken a 15-year-old team record. Brennan Bailey scored two goals Sunday, surpassing Tim Rice as the Mustangs all-time scoring leader for a defenseman. Bailey says he's thrilled about breaking the record.
"Well, it's just a great accomplishment and it's just very nice and one thing I had set in my mind from the start of the season."
Bailey now has 55 career points with the Mustangs, breaking Rice's previous mark of 53 points. The team captain is also chasing down most points by a defenseman in one season. He's currently at 27 with eight games left. Pete Lecain holds the record with 34 points in 1997-98.

Queens Place Gets Grand Opening

The ribbon was officially cut on the new Queens Emera Place in Liverpool this afternoon. The $20 million dollar facility is home to a regulation size arena, fitness centre, walking track and conference space. Premier Darrell Dexter, a native of nearby Milton, says the recreation center will serve as a year round facility for residents of Queens and the surrounding area. He spoke with CKBW/HANK FM News about his memories of the fundraising campaign for the old Queens Memorial Arena more than 40 years ago. "I remember the walk-a-thon to raise money and I remember everyone wearing those little buttons that said 'we want a rink' for the Queens Memorial. At the time, we just wanted something with four walls where we could skate - so this is a huge achievement." Dexter says facilities such at Queens-Emera Place will make life better for residents of the area. He says it will also help attract new people and families to rural communities along the South Shore.

Ribbon Cutting @ Queens Place in Liverpool

It's a big day in Liverpool! The new Queens Place Athletic Centre will be officially opened this afternoon and a large ceremony is planned. District of Queens Mayor John Leefe says the much-anticipated, multi-million dollar facility will allow for a number of community and regional sporting events. "It's a multi-purpose facility. It includes a little over one-thousand fixed seats, we'll also be purchasing a floor to put over the ice surface for non-ice related events. We've already got figure skating and two significant hockey tournaments lined up,"  The new centre will also feature a gymnasium, a walking track, community meeting rooms and other facilities. Opening ceremonies begin this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Baillie Swings Through South Shore

Conservative leader Jaime Baillie will make a swing through the South Shore today. Baillie is set to meet with management and staff at Michelin in Bridgewater this morning in what he calls a show of support for the company. The visit follows the NDP government's decision to pass a controversial labour law on so called "First Contract Arbitration". Baillie's party voted against the bill and even tabled a letter in the legislative assembly signed by Bridgewater Town Council indicating their concerns over the legislation.  "For the mayor and councillors in Bridgewater who stood up for Michelin and for the employers - they did their job. I can understand if council is frustrated with NDP MLA's representing Lunenburg and Lunenburg West didn't - they put their party's back-room interests in front of jobs in the areas they represent,"  Both the Liberals and Tories maintain the bill isn't needed and will stifle the province's economic competitiveness. Large employers such as Michelin and Sobeys called the legislation a black mark on business in Nova Scotia.

Weekend Sports Wrap

  • The CIBC Wood Gundy Lumberjacks are limping into the Holidays. The Jacks lost their fifth in row Sunday, 4-1 against the Commandos in Dieppe. Brennan Saulnier scored the lone goal for the last-place Lumberjacks who head into the Christmas break 11 points out of a playoff spot.

  • The South Shore Canadian Tire Mustangs snapped a three game losing skid with a big 4-3 home victory over the Halifax Titans. Brennan Bailey scored twice for the Stangs who handed the first place Titans only their second regulation loss this season. Corey Peterson took the win in goal stopping 23 of 26 shots. The Mustangs head into the Holiday break in 3rd place in the Major Midget standings.

  • Another South Shore curling team has earned a spot in the upcoming Provincial Junior Championships. At a qualifying event this weekend, Thomas Raddall of Bridgewater won all three of his games to clinch a berth. The final two junior mens and womens spots will be determined later today in Halifax. The AMJ Provincials are set for the Windsor Club starting December 27th.

  • In Nova Scotia Major Bantam Hockey League action, a two game series between first place BMO Western Hurricanes and second place Bay Gulls generated intense end to end action for home crowds at the brand new Queens Place in Liverpool on Saturday and the Chester Arena on Sunday.  The Hurricanes increased their first place lead in the Nova Scotia Major Bantam Hockey Leage with a dominating 7-1 victory on Saturday evening in Liverpool and battled to a 3-1 win on Sunday afternoon in Chester.  The Hurricanes have now won 16 straight games and lead the league with a 20 and 2 record.   The Hurricanes now head into the Holiday break and will resume league play on January 7th.

  • The Yarmouth Vikings defeated the Park View J.V. Panthers 79-49 Saturday to claim the championship game of the Days Inn "Holiday Hoop Fest". Luke Nickerson of Yarmouth was selected tournament M.V.P. and teammate Adam Barnett was selected a tournament all-Star. Jake Langille was Park View's representative on the all-star team. Northumberland claimed third place with a 60-53 win over Bridgewater High. Bridgewater's Jonah Comeau was a tournament All-Star. Park View's Division-1 team soundly defeated Memorial 101-78 to claim the consolation final.

Bridgewater Council defers disabled man's request

A disabled man will have to wait at least another month before knowing if Bridgewater Town Council will waive an $800 planning application fee. Dylan Robar is looking to apply for an amendment to Bridgewater's Land Use By-Law, which if approved, would allow his family home to be converted from a single-unit to a two-unit dwelling. He has requested that the application fee, which is primarily used to cover required advertising costs for notices, be waived. Robar requires the conversion of his family home to a two-unit dwelling in order to be eligible for a funding program administered by the province, which would assist in paying for renovations. Councillor David Mitchell says he would like to see changes made to the requirements of the funding program, eliminating the need to change Bridgewater's Land Use By-Law. The issue is expected to be back in front of council in January.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holliday Hoopfest Wraps Up

The Yarmouth Vikings defeated the Park View J.V. Panthers 79-49 to claim the championship of the Days Inn Holiday Hoop Fest. Luke Nickerson of Yarmouth was selected as the tournament M.V.P. and   teammate Adam Barnett was selected as a tournament all-Star. Jake   Langille was Park View's representative on the all-star team. Northumberland claimed third place with a 60-53 win over Bridgewater High. Meanwhile, Bridgewater's Jonah Comeau was a tournament All-Star. Park View's Division 1 team soundly defeated Memorial 101-78 to claim the consolation final.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

ED Closure in Lunenburg this Weekend

Officials at the Fisherman's Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg say their emergency department will be closed for the remainder of the weekend. The ED will reopen on Monday morning at 7:30AM. The closure is necessary due to a shortage in staff.  Anyone with a medical emergency during these times is asking to dial 9-1-1 or visit the South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater.

Friday, December 16, 2011

SSH: Holding Tender on QGH Project in Liverpool

South Shore Health will wait until spring to award a work contract that's connected to the Queens General Health Project. Heavy rain over the past few weeks has made working conditions difficult on a parcel of land adjacent to the hospital where clearing work was set to take place. The land will eventually serve as a lay-down area for material during construction of the project. Spokesperson Barb Johnson says it would cost an additional $60,000 to install proper drainage on the site which would send the project into the red. She says the work will be now included as part of a larger tender which is anticipated to be issued in a few months. The $16 million dollar QGH Project includes the creation of a new primary care clinic and redevelopment of the 22-bed in-patient unit at the hospital in Liverpool.

Fire in Northwest Harbour destroys Processing Plant

Damage is estimated at close to 200-thousand dollars as a result of a fire last night in the Clyde River area. A herring and lobster processing plant at "AJY Fisheries" in Northwest Harbour went up in flames. Fire fighters from Barrington, Northwest Harbour, Clyde River and Ingomar fought the blaze which completely destroyed the large facility. Investigators suspect faulty electrical wiring was responsible. The fire happened at a particularly busy time with the annual lobster season well underway. However. the company expects to quickly rebuild and hopes to be back up and running again in a few weeks.

Denied Bail: Lower Northfield Resident Accused of Luring

A Lower Northfield man accused of trying to lure teen girls for sex via text message and social media has been denied bail. Thirty year-old Bradley Ronald Whynot will remain in police custody pending the outcome of his trial. Whynot faces three counts each of luring a child, invitation to sexual touching and sexual interference. He is also facing various drug related charges and one count of possessing a prohibited weapon. A publication ban has been imposed on evidence and arguments from this week's hearing. Whynot is scheduled to return to court December 21.

Holiday Hoopfest tips off in Bridgewater

Local basketball players lace'em up for the Holiday Hoopfest, beginning Friday morning. The tournament begins at 10am and features Park View and Bridgewater teams, as well as Yarmouth, Hants North, Memorial, J.L Ilsley and Northumberland. The coach for the Division-1 Park View team, Eric Whynot, says he hopes the tournament can help turn around his club. Games will be played Friday and Saturday in the Park View and Bridgewater gyms.

FRIDAY Dec. 16

10:00am Game 1 Park View J.V. vs Memorial

12:00pm Game 2 Bridgewater vs J.L. Ilsley

2:00pm Game 3 Yarmouth vs Hants North

4:00pm Game 4 Park View vs Northumberland

6:00pm Game 5 Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2
Bridgewater Game at B.H.S.

6:00pm Game 6 Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2
other game at P.V.E.C.

8:00pm Game 7 Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4
Park View game at P.V.E.C.

8:00pm Game 8 Loser Game 3 vs Loser Game 4
other game at B.H.S.


10:00am Game 9 Loser Game 6 vs Loser Game 8

12:00pm Game 10 Winner Game 6 vs Winner Game 8

2:00pm Game 11 Loser Game 5 vs Loser Game 7

4:00pm Game 12 Winner Gsme 5 vs Winner Game 7 Championship

Lumberjacks host Miramichi

The CIBC Wood Gundy Lumberjacks will try and snap a two-game losing skid Friday night when they host the Miramichi Timberwolves. The Jacks will be without Shawn Boudreau, who was called-up to the Moncton Wildcats of the Quebec Major Junior League earlier this week. The Lumberjacks have won both meetings against Miramichi this season. Puck drop is 7pm Friday night at the Bridgewater Memorial Arena.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thorburne re-elected as Bridgewater Fire Chief

Bridgewater Fire Chief Wayne Thorburne
Bridgewater's Fire Chief has been re-elected to another term. Wayne Thorburne successfully retained his office after defeating Captain Reid Whynot for the position. Thorburne says he's happy to stay on as Fire Chief.
"I'm very pleased. It's a busy department and I enjoy the work and I enjoy the people and I enjoy the community and I just love doing what I'm doing."
He says he would like to increase membership in the department in 2012. Currently, the Bridgewater Fire Department has 43 members and Thorburne is hopeful they can reach 50 in the new year.

'Darksiders' expand to Bridgewater

Bridgewater's police chief is calling for calm despite the fact a Dartmouth-based biker gang with ties to the Hells Angels have expanded to the South Shore. John Collyer says the biker-group - known as the Darksiders - are currently renting a space on King Street in Bridgewater but adds they haven't done anything wrong to cause alarm. However, Collyer says police will keep an eye on the situation "To this point they haven't created any kind of criminal activity here and they haven't caused any problems. We treat them like we treat any other citizen of Bridgewater and we will continue to monitor the situation,"  Police were made aware of the gangs intentions to move into Bridgewater for about three months because the group has local members. Collyer says police are working with RCMP in Halifax and Dartmouth to gather information about the biker group.

Friday Power Outage: Town of Lunenburg

Some residents within the Town of Lunenburg will be without power for a short time Friday morning. Officials are making some emergency line repairs between 5AM and 6AM. Customers affected include those living on Green Street Dufferin, Brook, Maple Avenue, Tanyard Road, Knickle Road, the North Side of Harbour View Drive and Mason's Beach Road. The outage should only last an hour. Be sure to put some batteries in your alarm clock or use your cell phone for a wake-up.

South Shore RCMP Battle Impaired Driving

RCMP across the South Shore are ramping up efforts to put a halt to impaired driving this holiday season. In Lunenburg County, Constable Rob James says Mounties will be conducting stop checks on a regular basis leading up to Christmas in an effort to keep the roads safe. James explains it's a constant battle for police and an offense that carries steep consequences. "You wouldn't be able to just run out to the store and grab something, you wouldn't be able to drive your kids to soccer practice, you wouldn't be able to drive yourself to work. You would need to depend on someone else to get all of these things done. Not to mention, a lot of employers would frown on the fact you don't have a drivers license," James says impaired driving is not only limited to alcohol consumption but also applies to those who choose to operate a vehicle under the influences of drugs. The same charges and fines apply.  On average, 22 Nova Scotians die each year in alcohol related collisions.

Lunenburg woman turns lemons into $250,000

Call it a dream come true for Glo McNeill. The 82-year-old from Lunenburg turned her recipe into riches Wednesday night, taking home the Food Network's grand prize of $250,000. McNeill says she just kept believing she would win. Her Luscious Lemon Pudding Cakes received the most votes during a three day voting period last week. McNeill says she plans to use the money to fix up her house, put it on her mortgage and maybe take a vacation. You can catch the full interview on this weekend's South Shore Sunday Morning.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bridgewater Councillors take aim at local MLAs

Councillor Bill McInnis
Councillor David Mitchell

A pair of Bridgewater councillors are sounding off about local MLAs voting in favour of First Contract Arbitration. Bill 102 passed late last week in the Legislature with Lunenburg MLA Pam Birdsall and Lunenburg West MLA Gary Ramey supporting their government's decision. Bill McInnis had some advice for the two politicians.

"I think those two MLAs should seriously consider resigning for what they've done to our town, potentially what they have done to our town."

McInnis says it was a very serious decision and should not have been supported by the local MLAs. Meanwhile, Councillor David Mitchell also chimed in, saying it was a questionable decision.

"It's pretty clear that they weren't necessarily listening to the people and as MLAs, their job is to be the representatives of the people at the provincial level."

Mitchell says he's concerned because the decision could halt Michelin's investment into their provincial plants including the South Shore.

Local Author to give Lecture on Swissair 111 Crash

A Chester Basin author is bringing his theory about what may have brought down Swissair Flight 111 to Mahone Bay. Paul Palango, widely known for three books about the inner workings of the RCMP, will lead a lecture on the 1998 disaster this afternoon. The crash was attributed to a fire caused by faulty wiring in the attic of the plane but Palango suggests that terrorists were responsible for the crash and the fire on the plane wasn't accidental. Palango says his interest in the crash peaked a few years ago when he was contacted by the lead forensics investigator on the disaster. "I wasn't really that interested in the beginning because I thought it would be some kind of conspiracy theory but as I went through the documents and the scenarios involved it became clear to me and others who I shared this with that there was something else going on here," The lecture will take place at the Mahone Bay Centre at 2 PM.

Environmental concerns cause additional costs at Centre jail

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg is shelling out an extra $8,000 after some environmental concerns were found at the Centre jail property. Strum Environmental found asbestos under floor tiles and needs to sample and analyze ash material discovered under one of the outbuildings. The company completed work on the asbestos issue for $2,833.96 plus HST and is asking for another $4,880 plus HST to sample and test the ash material. Strum Environmental's original contract was $21,413 and will increase to $29,125.96 as a result of the findings. A report from the Department of Engineering and Public Works says test results of the ash material will be received in the next 15 days.