Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Office Settlement

It's been ongoing for a couple of years but in a David against Goliath tppe of battle, Scott Sherman sued Canada Post for breaking a lease agreement. Sherman, the Boston based businessman purchased the former Lunenburg property in Old Town in 2003. The building on King Street housed the local post office since 1882. The Post Office moved to a Lincoln Street location and Sherman launched legal action against the Crown corporation for certain lease violations. He alleged Canada Post removed items, did damage to the premises while they occupied the space and that there were monetary damages incurred because of their actions. Sherman says a trial had been scheduled, but a settlement conference was held December 8th and the parties were able to hammer out an agreement. He wouldn't give an exact figure but says it was enough to purchase an automobile..maybe a Chevy or a Mazaratti. Sherman says in all his current commercial dealings he would never again rent to Canada Post. Genevieve Latour, Canada Post's Atlantic communications manager says she couldn't comment because the matter has not been completely resolved in the court system.


Specialists have been called to the LaHave river to investigate an oil spill that came from the Bridgewater Michelin plant last night.Crews are currently on site cleaning up the spill of bunker sea oil that is used to run the boilers at the plant.The spill was minor and isn't harmful but an investigation into the matter is currently ongoing and the plant will be shut down until further notice.