Saturday, October 27, 2012

South Shore: 30 Diamond Jubilee Medals Awarded

South Shore MP Gerald Keddy presented 30 residents of the region with Queens Diamond Jubilee Medals in a cermony on Saturday. The jubilee medal is a commemorative item created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada.

Recipients of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal:

Note: All medal recipients listed below were nominated by their colleagues, friends or a family member(s).

Lunenburg County Medal Recipients:

  • Collin Nickerson, Mahone Bay, NS;
  •  Jim McCorry, Bridgewater, NS;
  •  Ken George, Bridgewater, NS;
  • Carol Nauss, Chester, NS;
  • Dr. Alberta Pew Baker, Chester, NS;
  • Dr. Heather MacKinnon, Chester, NS;
  • Gerald (Wayne) Rock, Middle Cornwall, NS;
  • Ron Seney, New Germany, NS;
  • Gerald Davis, New Ross, NS;
  • Verne Lunan, Upper LaHave, NS;
  • Dan Hennessey, Newcombville, NS;
  • Mervyn Joudrey, Blockhouse, NS;
  • Peter Matthews, Lunenburg, NS;
  • Garry Zwicker, Chester, NS;
  • Franklyn Dauphinee, West Northfield, NS;
  • John Sawler, Wileville, NS;
  • Virginia Selig, Newcombville, NS.


Shelburne County Medal Recipients:

  • Allen Brannen, Barrington, NS;
  • John Brannen, Barrington, NS;
  • Emily Rose, Barrington Passage, NS;
  • Charles (Edgar) Holmes, Shelburne, NS;
  • Everett Cromwell, Birchtown, NS;
  • Pat Nickerson, Beaverdam, NS;
  • Cyril Meagher, Lockeport, NS.


Queens County Medal Recipients:

  • John Leefe, Liverpool, NS;
  • Lawrence Truelove, Milton, NS;
  • Vernon Oickle, Liverpool, NS.


Halifax Regional Municipality Medal Recipients:

  • Dr. Oscar Wong, Glen Margaret, NS;
  • Dr. Francis Bail, French Village, NS;
  • Beth McGee, Seabright, NS.