Monday, May 7, 2012

Dive Team Recovers Body Of Chester Man

Police have located the body of a missing Chester man in Spectacle Lake. The body of 41 year-old Timothy Llewellyn was found just before 2 o'clock this afternoon by police and Queens County Search And Rescue. Sergeant Bruce Hill says an autopsy will be conducted over the next couple of days.

"He was located in the area where the canoe overturned, approximately in the middle of the lake,"

Llewellyn had been missing since Saturday night when his canoe flipped during a fishing trip on the lake. An 18 year old who was also in the boat was able to swim to shore.

Queens County Murder Trial Underway

A second degree murder trial is underway in Bridgewater. The Supreme Court trial began this afternoon following jury selection. Thirty-three year-old James Leroy Leopold of Liverpool is accused of killing his fiance. The remains of 47 year-old Laura Lee Robertson were found of Highway 208 outside Greenfield in Queens County in April of last year.

Another Twist In "Jesus T-Shirt" Saga

A Grade 12 student in Chester Basin who was suspended from school last week for wearing a T-shirt expressing his religious views returned to class today before his father abruptly pulled him out. John Swinimer says his son, William, won't participate in discussions today about freedom of expression and religious tolerance at Forest Heights Community School and won't bring his son back until "regular" classes resume. Board superintendent Nancy Pynch-Worthylake says she's disappointed that Swinimer won't take part in the discussions. William Swinimer wore the same yellow shirt that has generated national headlines and sparked debate over freedom of speech and religion. The school board has said students complained about the shirt, and after Swinimer refused to abide by a principal's request not to wear it, he was suspended. The school says it is now allowing him to wear the shirt.

Boater Presumed Drowned in East Chester

 A 41-year old East Chester man is presumed drowned after a weekend fishing excursion on Spectacle Lake. A police dive team remains at the site for a second straight day in an effort to locate the man's body. Sergeant Bruce Hill says a sonar device is being used to scan the bottom of the lake.

"There is no indication that he had got to shore. Since the canoe overturned there has been no sign of him. At this time, it would be considered a recovery mission,"

An 18 year-old was also in the canoe when it flipped on Saturday night but was able to swim to shore. Hill says the pair were not wearing life jackets.

Two New Nurse Practitioners For Bridgewater

Bridgewater is about to be home to two new nurse practitioners. The new hires are the first step towards Bridgewater's proposed Collaborative Health Center. Primary health care manager Marlene Wheatley recognizes a shortage of primary health care providers in the area, and says the new nurses will help with that need.

"They're independently licensed practitioners - but they can diagnose, treat illness and health concerns, they can order tests, prescribe most medication, manage chronic diseases such a diabetes, and they can also refer patients to specialists or other health care providers."

The nurse practitioners will be able to accept 700 new patients each over the next year. Their office will be accepting new patients starting May 14th. To book appointments call 527-4310. South Shore officials are asking for the publics patience in this process.

Another Planned Bowater Shutdown Underway

Bowater Mersey is planning another shutdown beginning in mid-March. (BEVERLEY WARE / South Shore Bureau / File)
Another shutdown of operations is underway at Bowater Mersey.  It began yesterday as the paper machines were shut down and most workers stayed home. This is the third such closure of the Brooklyn mill since December when the province and local governments antied up 50-million dollars to keep the mill from closing.

Premier Darrell Dexter stands behind the decision to provide Bowater with the financial life-line.  He says too many people and businesses are at stake.  He says:  "The forresters, the harvesters, the silvaculture people, the suppliers they interact with, the sawmills. So, in the case of Bowater, we're talking about literally thousands of jobs on the South Shore that extend from Lunenburg County right to Yarmouth."

Meanwhile, Liberal leader Stephen McNeil says he can't help but be nervous about taxpayer money being pumped into Bowater with markets being so volatile over the past couple of years.  McNeil says: "With the latest shutdowns, we're now looking at eleven of a possible thirty weeks that the mill will be closed. Obviously, we're concerned for those workers who are left there. What does this mean for the future of the mill and what assurances has the premier received from Resolute that there is a future for that mill?"

PC leader Jamie Baillie tells us he still supports the need for the infusion of money into Bowater last year to save the mill.  Baillie says: "Given the importance of the forest industry on the South Shore, I think the right thing to do now is to remain calm and make sure all parties are working together to find that long term viable future for the mill. At the same time, look for ways to create a forestry industry that is independent of the mill."

Officials at Bowater's parent company, Resolute Forest Products, say this shutdown will end May 21st. There will be another one though from June 17th to July 2nd.  Resolute says both closures, like the others, are a result of poor paper market conditions.

Search Continues For Missing South Shore Canoeist

The search is continuing for a man believed missing in Spectacle Lake in East Chester.  The RCMP received a 911 call early Saturday evening about a missing canoeist.  It was then determined two men were operating a canoe, when it overturned in the lake.  One of them, an 18-year-old, managed to swim to shore and a 41-year-old is still missing.  Members of the RCMP and fire departments from Chester, Mahone Bay and Blandford and the South Shore Ground Search and Rescue have been searching Spectacle Lake and the surrounding area.  No sign though of the missing man.  Names haven't been released by the RCMP.

Jury Selection Begins in Leopold Murder Trial

Jury selection will begin this morning in the trial of a 33 year-old Liverpool man accused of killing his finance. James Leroy Leopold has pleased not guilty to a charge of second degree murder in the death of 47 year-old Laura Lee Robertson. Her remains were found off Highway 208 outside Greenfield in Queens County in April of last year. The trial is expected to begin this afternoon in Bridgewater.