Friday, May 8, 2009

Beach Protection

2009-05-08 06:29:13


The dunes of Cherry Hill Beach are being protected .  Effective today, (Friday, May 8th,) vehicle traffic along the dunes and the beach is banned.Beach access for traditional uses such as clam digging, waterfowl hunting and swimming  will continue to be permitted. There will be a designated area for parking.  Cherry Hill Beach is  an important nesting habitat for the endangered piping plover and a vital feeding and resting area for many thousands of migrating shorebirds." The ban will be enforced by Department of Natural Resources officers and, when appropriate, RCMP. Operators who ignore the ban can be charged under the Crown Lands Act and/or the Motor Vehicle Act.

McHappy BBBS

2009-05-08 06:26:13


They're awfully McHappy at South Shore Big Brothers and Big Sisters today.  The group was the beneficiary of the funds from yesterday's McHappy Days at the Bridgewater McDonald's restaurant.  A dollar from each mcmuffin and Big Mac sold yesterday were given to charity.  And after the numbers were crunched, it looks like there were a lot of sandwiches munched.  Sandra Murray says they will be receiving $2,000 to help pay for their programs to help boys and girls in the area.

Generous Enough

2009-05-08 06:23:36


A May 20th public meeting on the Queens Place recreational facility has been cancelled because of a lack of "information gaps".  One of those according to the Region's Rec department is a shortfall in funding. The group says the five-million dollars from the province doesn't quite come up to one third of the cost.  They were also hoping for additional money to develop the land around the construction site.  Premier Rodney MacDonald says his government has already given what it can to the project.  The group says a public meeting on Queens Place will be held, but not until they have all of the information they need to provide to residents of Queens.