Monday, September 26, 2011

Autism discussion held on Skype

A psychologist specializing in autism spectrum disorders is available on Skype Tuesday night.

Dr. Tony Attwood will make an online presentation about managing feelings.

The presentation is expected to explain why children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder are more prone to develop mood disorders.

It will also explain strategies that can help such individuals learn about and manage emotions.

It gets started at 7pm at Hebbville Academy.

The event is being held by the Autism Centre Society of the South Shore.

Man released from custody after armed standoff

A man charged after an armed standoff in Chester Basin last month has been released from custody.

Nelson Frederick Bond of New Minas had been in jail since the incident after the prosecutor asked for a forensic psychiatric assessment.

The 47-year-old accused appeared Monday in Bridgewater provincial court.

The Crown agreed to his release under certain conditions, including paying a $10,000 surety and agreed to stay with his brother and sister-in-law.

Bond is not allowed to drink alcohol or take illegal drugs and must stay away from his alleged victim.

Bond faces numerous charges, including three counts of possession of a weapon dangerous to the public peace, one count of pointing a firearm and one count each of forcible confinement and assault.

Bridgewater mayor sounds off on Fairview Inn

The mayor of Bridgewater says he's worried about the safety of the Fairview Inn.

Carroll Publicover says though the building has survey tape surrounding it, kids could still wander inside and injure themselves.

He says he wants round-the-clock security at the Fairview Inn until its demolished, or demolished in a timely fashion.

Publicover also hopes changes can be made to the former car dealership at 99 Aberdeen Road, calling it a blight in the community.

He says he's felt this way for months but decided to make his feelings public during Monday night's council meeting.

White back to school following major brain surgery

A Bridgewater girl is back to class at Hebbville Academy after undergoing major brain surgery in the U.S.

Six-year-old Chelsea White returned to school after post-surgical problems kept her in hospitals in California and Halifax until mid-August.

Chelsea's mother, Shannon Price, says her daughter has been active and in great spirits since coming home.

Price says doctors have told her it could take up to two years for Chelsea's brain to completely heal from the surgery.

She says Chelsea will have to visit neurosurgeons and cardiologists in October, to see if her heart is still enlarged because of extra blood flow.

Medical Unit at South Shore Regional Hospital reopens

The Medical Unit at South Shore Regional Hospital has reopened to visitors.

Visitation has been restricted on the 4th floor since September 6 due to an increased number of patients testing positive for the antibiotic-resistant organism MRSA.

Visitors are asked to check in at the nursing station before visiting and to wash their hands when entering and leaving the hospital, and before and after visiting patients.

Regular and thorough hand washing can help prevent the spread of illness.

Motor Vehicle Collision Involving Pedestrian

Queen's RCMP are asking for public assistance in identifying the driver of a vehicle involved in a collision with a pedestrian. A woman was struck by a grey Chrysler Sunday evening around 6:45 p.m. (September 25th), The pedestrian was walking on the sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot at Lane's Privateer Inn. The suspect vehicle was exiting the parking lot and eventually headed toward downtown Liverpool.   The male driver of the car is described as approximately 55 to 60 years old with short grey hair. He spoke with an accent, possibly British and was travelling with a female companion.

Illegal Drug Seizure

A bail hearing is being held this afternoon for a Yarmouth man facing charges following a seizure of illegal prescription pills and drugs. Fifty-two year old Charles Raymond Blades is facing charges of Possession for the Purpose for Trafficking in Hydromorphone, (commonly known as Dilaudid), Possession of Cannabis Marihuana and Breach of an Undertaking. RCMP Southwest Nova Federal Drug Section assisted by the Shelburne Street Crime Enforcement Unit seized the contraband near Barrington on Friday. (September 23rd)

Minimum Wage to Increase October 1st

You might soon see a difference in your paycheck. As of Saturday, October 1st, the minimum wage is increasing to $10 per hour . This is a 3.6 per cent increase from the present rate of $9.65. The minimum wage for inexperienced workers, with less than three months' experience in the work for which they were hired, will rise to $9.50. After the increase Saturday, future increases will occur in April, beginning in 2012, indexing the minimum wage to the Low Income Cut Off, a figure set by Statistics Canada where people are devoting a significantly larger than average percentage of their income to the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing. Increases will be based on the national Consumer Price Index from the previous calendar year.

         The government is also investing an additional $18.25 million this year to help income assistance clients and low-income Nova Scotians make ends meet. These include a 22 per cent increase per child, per month, to the Nova Scotia Child Benefit, a $15 per month increase in the Income Assistance Personal Allowance, indexing the Affordable Living Tax Credit and the Poverty Reduction Credit to keep up with inflation, and allowing working income assistance clients to keep more money each month.

Residents Seek Less Government Connection to Freedom of Information Office

**Dulcie McCallum**
FOIPOP Information Officer

Residents of St. Margarets Bay are calling for less government control over the provincial Freedom of Information Office. Currently, government employees who process F.O.I. requests work for the departments whose information is being disclosed. Residents' spokesman Sean Kirby says departments shouldn't be able to pick and choose what they release to the public. He says: "The St. Margarets Bay connector road censorship case I think was a real eye-opener for us and a lot of people. Its a terrible example of the government breaking its own Freedom of Information law in order to hide information from residents about the connector road. Our concern is if the government is doing this on our little issue, clearly it must be taking place on other issues as well."  The Freedom of Information review officer issued a scathing report back in June which criticized the government for censoring documents about the St. Margarets Bay connector road. Residents have taken their case to the provincial supreme court and a hearing will be held in mid-January.

South Shore Weather -- Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunny. High 24. (((**UV index 6 or high**))).

Clear. Low 13.

Sunny. High 20.


Sunny. Low 6. High 16.

Sunny. Low 11. High 20.

Cloudy with a chance of showers. Low 15. High 21.

Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Low 15. High 17.

Cloudy with a chance of showers. Low 12. High 15.


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