Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CAP costs Region of Queens

The Region of Queens is losing about 500 thousand dollars in revenue as a result of the provincial CAP. Mayor John Leefe says the Cap Assessment Program has reduced in Queens the amount of taxable property by 130 million dollars, and that's a lot of money. Leefe says the largest cost for the Region is Education which is roughly two and a-half million. Policing is in the 1.5 to 2 million dollar range and there are landfill fees and others costs as well.
A presentation to Council by Property Valuation Services shows residential and commercial properties in the Municipality are valued at 932 million. However, that figure drops to 802 million because the CAP protects more than 8 thousand properties from large assessment hikes .

Queen's Manor Requests Sidewalk

It's been an ongoing issue since 1994. Queen's Manor was back before Municipal Council on Monday to request the installation of a sidewalk on Hollands Drive leading from Waterloo Street to the Manor. The Board of the Directors would like the project to be considered for this budget year citing safety reasons. Mayor John Leefe says the initial request goes back to Liverpool Town Council and was for a full blown sidewalk, curb and gutter, which is an expensive proposition. Leefe says the Board has since agreed a walkway will be sufficient, and will agree to asphalt being used for the surface rather than concrete. Leefe says the matter will be taken into account when the Municipality does it budget.