Friday, January 22, 2010

H1N1 Shots

South West Health continues to encourage people to get their H1N1 flu shot.
In South West Health, you can get the H1N1 Flu Shot at Public Health Offices in Digby, Shelburne and Yarmouth Counties. Since the start of the H1N1 immunization program, there has been over 34, 000 doses of vaccine distributed in South West Health through a variety of means, including public immunization clinics, primary health care providers, hospitals, long term care facilities and schools.
In South West Health, you can get the H1N1 Flu Shot at Public Health Offices in Digby, Shelburne and Yarmouth Counties. Here is how to get an appointment:

1. Call the nearest Public Health Office (phone numbers below)
2. Leave your name and contact information
3. Public Health staff will call you back to make an appointment

Yarmouth 902-742-7141
Shelburne / Barrington 902-875-2623
Meteghan 902-645-2325
Digby 902-245-2557

Some physicians are also giving flu shots to their patients. Call your doctor to check.

Queens Place

Queens Place will become a reality with tenders expected to go in the spring. At a special council meeting this morning, the Region of Queens Municipality approved moving forward with the contract documents and working drawings. The design development phase is now complete with the class "B" estimate for the project 19 million, 937 thousand, 596 dollars based on current construction costs.
The final space program for Queens Place includes an NHL sized arena , a walking track, fitness centre with aerobics studio, community room, canteen, youth health centre and associated common areas. An outdoor pool can be added at a later date and allowances have been made in the design to accommodate one easily although it is not included in this design. The federal government has contributed close to 7 million while the province kicked in 5 million. the province and close to $7million from the federal government. The Region of Queens will contribute the remaining funds through reserves, fundraising of $1.5million and capital financing up to $4million.

New Chief Executive Officer of South Shore Health

Acting CEO Alice Leverman has been appointed to the position full time. South Shore Health Board Chair, Roxie Smith made the annoucement today..she says Leverman has been a highly respected and valued member of the senior executive team at South Shore Health since 2001 and has shown tremendous strategic leadership in her role as Acting CEO. Leverman replaces Kevin McNamara who recently accepted a position as Deputy Minister of Health for Nova Scotia.