Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Council Considers Tax Exemption

South Shore Transition House Association is asking Bridgewater Town Council to be included in the Tax Exemption By-law.Harbour House is a 15 bed transition house located in Bridgewater which serves abused women and their children. Mayor Carroll Publicover says there are 7 not-for profit charitable organizations that qualify under the exemptions by-law, and he doesn't see a flood of requests coming to Council. He says Harbour House does great work and is only 80 percent funded by the province so they have to fundraise the other 20 percent. Council voted 4 to 3 to draft an amendment for a full tax exemption for Harbour House to be included in the by-law, much the same as was done for the Small World Learning Centre Daycare .

Temporary Traffic Lights

Bridgewater Town Council is working on a solution to ease the traffic congestion on North Street. Sixty thousand dollars is included in this years draft budget for a set of traffic lights to be installed at the intersection of Haven and Seasons Drive on North Street. Mayor Carroll Publicover says the lights are only a temporary solution but he'll fight to keep the money in the budget. A planned upgrade of North Street and Aberdeen Road includes widening the two streets to include additional turning lanes, sidewalks and bicycle lanes and a roundabout along with permanent traffic lights.

Lock up Your Vehicles

There's been a recent rash of thefts from vehicles in The Wileville/Auburndale area. Within the last two nights, 15 vehicles were entered and an undetermined number of items were stolen. RCMP are asking for public assistance in identifying who is responsible for the thefts. The Mounties are also reminding residents to ensure their vehicles are securely locked during the evenings and not to leave anything of value in the vehicle or in plain view of would be thieves.

Senior Friendly Challenge

(Photo - Coalition for an Age Friendly Community Committee)
The Coalition for an Age Friendly Community is extending the Senior Friendly challenge to businesses in the Town of Bridgewater and the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. It's also a call for volunteers to participate in the Check-up training program. The next training session will be held May 5th. The Senior Friendly Program is modeled after a project developed by the Alberta Council on Aging the program is designed to help businesses and organizations become more age-friendly. For more information on this Senior Friendly™ Program and future "Age-Friendly" initiatives please contact: Beth George, Seniors Safety Coordinator
Ph: 543-3567 or email,