Wednesday, April 22, 2009

AIMS Report Card

2009-04-22 06:45:58

South Shore schools are faring well in a report that grades educational facilities and academic achievement in the Maritimes.  The AIMS report card was released yesterday and the high school in Barrington Passage was third overall on the list for Nova Scotia Schools.  The think-tank gave a grade of A-minus for Barrington Municipal High School. 
Coming in 24th with a B-minus is Park View Education Centre in Bridgewater.  And with the same grade are number 26 Shelburne Regional High School and number 27 Bridgewater Junior-Senior High.  Liverpool Regional High School ranked 46th and Forest Heights Community School was 50th, both with a c-plus grade.  Eighteen other schools are unranked on this year's list.  AIMS says the fundamental belief that schools could get better, over time, that led to the launch of the first AIMS Annual Report Card on Atlantic Canadian High Schools in 2003. Visit for the complete report.

Crab Charges

2009-04-22 06:11:33

Fishery officers from Liverpool have charged a Lunenburg county fisherman for an incident last Friday.  The man is from Dublin Shore.  He was arrested for possession female crabs while fishing for lobster.  A court date is set for June 10th in Bridgewater.

Foreign Fear

2009-04-22 06:10:02

The Region of Queen's isn't buying into the Buy Back Nova Scotia coalitions' concern over the Irving's private sale of 170 thousand acres.  The lands are located in Annapolis, Digby and Yarmouth counties.  Mayor John Leefe says the paranoia associated with possible foreign ownership is unfounded. He calls it a typically Canadian condition. And Mayor Leefe says what better way to extract a  high price than to create a public demand for the government to belly up to the bar and buy the lands. Leefe says it was only around 15 years ago that the Irvings purchased most of the land now for sale, from Bowater/Mersey for 34 million dollars.