Thursday, September 30, 2010

Interrnational Epilepsy Conference at White Point

An international conference dealing with epilepsy wraps up today at White Point Beach Resort in Queens County. The two day conference focused on advanced neuro-imaging techniques in new onset epilepsy. The conference features a number of clinical scenarios,group discussions and interactive learning. Delegates are attending from Canada, The U.S., Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Riverfront Celebration

There's a kick off tomorrow to celebrate the riverfront development. Work has been underway on the revitalization since 2004. Improvement efforts include interpretative panels along the banks of the LaHave River, a major renovation to King Street Court, a riverfront park in the downtown core and a fountain in the river between the two bridges. The celebration is free and will run from 9:30 am to 2 pm including an official opening at 10 a.m.


8am King Street (Empire – Dominion) closed to vehicles
8am- 9:30 Celebration set up
9:00 am Cheer Intensity Demo (King Street Court)

9:30 – 9:55 Fireman’s Band


Piper Ron Leblanc, Town Crier, Ozzie Stiles,
ACOA – Government of Canada – MP Gerald Keddy,
NS Department of Health Promotion & Protection,
MLA Gary Ramey
Mayor Carroll Publicover (Mr Maughan)
Darren Lipsett, BDA Chair
Barb Thompson, Interpretive Panels

10:15 – 10:45 Bridgewater Firemen’s Band
10:45 – 10:55 Cheer Intensity
10:55 – 11:40 South Shore Ukulele Concert Group
11:40 – 11:55 Kipper’s Gymnastics demonstration
11:55 – 1:00 Twist of Fate
1:00 – 1:15 Kick Boxing demonstration
1:00 – 2:00 Naming the Twins

Farmer’s Market ,Face painting,Clown on Stilts,Buskers
Food Vendors,Wine Tasting,
Demonstrations (kick-boxing, skateboarding, gymnastics)
Prizes,Intrepretive panels

Possible Use for Fox Point School

The Municipality of Chester has received a request for the use of the old Fox Point school. Warden Alan Webber says Council had determined that when the daycare moved out, the school would be put on the market to try to recover some of their money Webber says Council now has two requests to consider.. both from community based organizations.GPIAtlantic, founded in 1997 is an independent, non-profit research and education organization. It is committed to the development of the Genuine Progress Index, a new measure of sustainability, well being and quality of life. The group will return with a more formal presentation to Council next week.

Octoberfest Funding

An annual fall event at the Forties Community Centre getting a cash infusion from the federal government. MP Gerald Keddy announced a grant of 25 hundred dollars to support the annual Octoberfest. The funding is provided through the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program. Phillip Broome, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Forties Community Centre says the funding will assist in the celebration of German Heritage of Lunenburg County. Oktoberfest takes place from October 11th to 24th, at the Forties Community Centre in New Ross.

Needs a Lift

A request has been submitted to the Department of Health for funding for upgrades to the existing elevators and for the addition of a third elevator at South Shore Regional Hospital. Both elevators were down and out of service on August 23rd.
C-E-O Alice Leverman says the elevators are original to the hospital when it was constructed 22 years ago. She says they are proposing the project be done in two phases. Phase 1 would be the construction of the third elevator which would cost approximately 1.7 million, while Phase 2 would be the upgrades to the existing elevators at an estimated cost of 350 thousand.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sea Cadets/Information & Registration

Lunenburg Sea Cadets will be holding an information presentation and registration next week. Interested individuals are asked to meet at the Lunenburg Corps headquarters building at 93 Victoria Road, next to the bowling alley at 7 p.m. on October 6th. Sea Cadets open to those aged 13 to 18 offers a program that included leadership and citizenship training, development of public speaking skills, physical fitness, sailing, seamanship,marksmanship, music and biathlon.

School Mischief

They're calling it an act of mischief rather than vandalism. Queens County RCMP are investigating an incident at the Milton Centennial School. Sometime overnight on Tuesday, September 28th, a piece of playground equipment was broken . A leg was also broken off an ornamental cement bench. Anyone having information regarding the incident is asked to contact the Queens RCMP Detachment or CRIMESTOPPERS.

VP Health Services Appointed

Janet Simm has been appointed to the position of V-P Health Services at South Shore Health. Simm is currently Director of Policy, Planning and Decision Support with health Association, Nova Scotia. She has extensive knowledge of health system issues and experience in acute care and community health settings and has developed strategic partnerships at both the provincial and national level. Her appointment takes effect October 18th.


It's not like being in a five star hotel, but South Shore Health patients will be able to Dial for Dining next month. Food and Nutrition Services are in the process of implementing a room service model for patient meal service. The program will improve quality and client satisfaction my offering patients more choice and flexibility. C-E-O Alice Leverman says Dial for Dining allows patients to eat what they want , when they want, which will greatly reduce food waste. Patients will be able to order during selected hours from a standard menu. The service which will start at South Shore Regional Hospital October 16th, will also be expanded to Fishermen's Memorial in Lunenburg and Queens General in Liverpool.

Land Conservation

An official partnership agreement to conserve land in Mahone Bay will be formally signed Thursday, September 30th. John MacDonell, Minister of Natural Resources, will sign an agreement with the Mahone Islands Conservation Association to acquire and protect more land in Mahone Bay. The signing will take place at 3 p.m. at the Mahone Bay government wharf.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Bridgewater Town Police are investigating an unusual assault.

Saturday at midnight, police found a seventeen-year-old boy dousing himself with water on the corner of Queen and Dominion Street,

According to the Bridgewater resident he had been attacked near Bridgewater high by another male wielding pepper spray.

Deputy Chief John Collier says emergency response took special measures to help the young man recover.

"(The victim) was then transported to the South Shore Regional Hospital by police for treatment and it was this individual who was later assisted by the Bridgewater Fire Department. Apparently he needed a great deal of decontamination," says Collier.

Collier says the suspect could face charges of assault or assault with a weapon.

Police continue their investigation.


Three people have been arrested after a break-in and theft last night at a seasonal residence in Woodstock.

The male suspects, ages 22, 33 and 42 were apprehended by Lunenburg County RCMP not long after the incident on Dory Mills Road and stolen goods were recovered from a vehicle.

The suspects were released and will appear in Bridgewater court at a later date.

The investigation continues.


The road may be closed but King Street is still open for business.

Starting tomorrow the intersection of Dufferin Street and King Streets including a portion of King Street will closed to through traffic.

Bridgewater Town Engineer, Harland Wyand says the construction of a new storm surge should not impede shoppers.

" We just want to clarify that there should not be an impact. Anyone in the travelling public should feel free to come in to King Street and park in South parkade or along King Street during the construction period, "says Wyand.

Wyand says pedestrian walk-ways will also be accessible.

It will take workers at least two weeks to construct a new storm surge underneath the roadway.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hospital Overcrowding

Hospital overcrowding continues to be a challenge for South Shore Health. C-E-O Alice Leverman says additional long term care beds will be opening later this fall, 18 in Lunenburg and 12 in New Germany. Leverman says hospital overcrowding causes a lot of concern and frustration for patients and families. They may experience delays in admission, long wait times or transfers to other hospitals for care and surgeries may also be cancelled. She says it also creates a stressful working environment for staff.
A new director of Access and Flow has been put in place . Efforts are also continuing to enhance access to primary care and community based supports that help seniors and others remain independent, healthy and safe in their communities and improve patient flow through the system.

South Shore Health AGM

South Shore Health's annual meeting is set for 6 o'clock tonight at the new Best Western Hotel. Both Community Health Boards will be among 17 displays showcasing their work to improve the held of the community. C-E-O Alice Leverman says there will also be displays by a number of the Health Authority's program areas. At 7 o'clock there will be a video featuring true life stories from individuals impacted by South Shore Health's services followed by a panel discussion. The business portion of the Annual General Meeting will follow at 8 p.m.


Barrington RCMP are investigating after two suspicious fires took place this weekend.

RCMP responded to a call at a fish plant at Bull's Head Wharf in Stoney Island. They arrived in the early morning hours of Saturday to discover that the large building and the fish products contained inside were completely destroyed by fire.

The second fire occurred Sunday evening. RCMP arrived to find a storage building on Kennedy Street in Clarke's Harbour also completely incinerated by fire.

Island and Barrington Fire Department were assisted at both scenes by several other detachments and a Fire Marshall investigator.

Barrington RCMP are seeking help from the public in their investigation.

Anyone with information regarding these crimes are asked to contact Barrington Detachment or Crime Stoppers.


RCMP in Lunenburg are looking for a woman believed to have been involved in a fight with another woman last evening on Lincoln Street in the town.

A 28 year old woman was assaulted after the two had words.

The alledged assailant was apparently accompanied by three other females and a male prior to the assault.

The group was seen running down Falkland Street following the attack.

The victim was treated for a head injury at South Shore Regional Hospital and later released.

RCMP are investigating and searching for the assailant described as about 22 years of age with long, dark hair.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lunenburg County RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


RCMP in Lunenburg are looking for a woman believed to have been involved in a fight with another woman last evening on Lincoln Street in the town.

A 28 year old woman was assaulted after the two had words.

The alledged assailant was apparently accompanied by three other females and a male prior to the assault.

The group was seen running down Falkland Street following the attack.

The victim was treated for a head injury at South Shore Regional Hospital and later released.

RCMP are investigating and searching for the assailant described as about 22 years of age with long, dark hair.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lunenburg County RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poppies Tax Exemption

Seems it was all a misunderstanding. The Municipality of Lunenburg was asked for a letter of support regarding a request to the Prime Minister to exempt Legions from paying the 5 percent GST on the purchases of red lapel poppies. The initial request came from St. Catharine's City Council. However, further clarification was sought and Mayor Don Downe says it was determined that there is no sales (HST/GST) charged by Dominion Command to Provincial Commands and Branches. There is HST charged on the manufacturing of Poppies but this is paid by Dominion Command at the time of purchase. Further, poppies are not sold, monies received are donations which are then deposited in the Poppy Trust Funds for the benefit of veterans and their families across Canada.

Service Capacity/Operational Review for MODL

Ramp Up Consulting of Halifax, the winning proposal to conduct a Service Capacity/Operational Review for the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. Council budgeted 35 thousand dollars for the review in the 2010.11 operating budget and has received 10 thousand in funding from the province for completion of the project. Seven proposals were submitted and based on the evaluation criteria, Ramp Up Consulting although not the lowest price, scored the highest. Council awarded the proposal at a cost of 43 thousand 300 dollars. Three councillors and the C-A-O will work with the consultant. A preliminary report is expected by December.

Trucking Services for LRCRC

Maughan's Construction of Bridgewater has been awarded a two year contract to supply on-site trucking services for the Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre. Four bids were received but two were rejected because they were incomplete. Lunenburg Municipal Council awarded Maughan's the tender for 44 thousand 827 dollars, 53 hundred under budget.


Students on the South Shore now have a quota on their field trips.

The South Shore Regional School Board has limited the number of bus trips per day.

Only eight extra-curricular treks will be provided by Transportation Services.

Organizers will also have to give a full weeks notice and trips will be granted on a first come first served basis.

School Board member, Gary Mailman says the new rules could be problematic for sports teams who can't give full notice or for students in rural districts who rely heavily on provided transportation.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


The South Shore Regional School Board is attempting to streamline it's bus routes.

The board is seeking feedback from parents and guardians on some proposed plans to limit which school a student may attend.

Superintendent Nancy Pynch-Worthylake says no changes will be made before thorough consultation.

"Once the board hears from the public, the board will make a decision; will they continue to offer busing to more than one school or will they make a decision that student in a certain geographic would go to particular school? ," says Pynch-Worthylake.

Pynch-Worthylake says saving money on transportation will help direct increased funding at educational programs for children.

School Board representative,Trish Smith says districts where students have the option to attend a number of schools are in question under the proposed changes.

Smith says all options provided in the prospsed plans allow students to be grandfathered at their current school.

For more information on the month-end meetings visit

Friday, September 24, 2010

Missing Motor

The Mounties are on the look-out for a missing boat motor. The theft occurred during the overnight hours of September 23rd, The Honda, four-stroke 15 horse power outboard motor, silver in colour was taken from 396 Old Kettle Road in Mill Village. The motor had been chained to a boat was was stored on the property.
Anyone having information regarding the incident is asked to contact the Liverpool RCMP or CRIMESTOPPERS.

Drug Charges

A Bridgewater man is facing charges following the seizure of a quantity of prescription medication at a residence on Henley Drive . The 41 year old is charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and will appear in court for plea November 24th. Meantime a 34 year Maitland resident will appear in court the same day on charges of illegal production of Marihuana and possessing marihuana for the purpose of trafficking . A quantity of processed marijuana was seized during a search of a residence on Highway 325 in Maitland.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Truck Tips Over

A bit of a scare but no series injuries when a garbage truck flipped in the ditch in Newburne yesterday. Apparently the driver of the truck pulled over to the side of a narrow dirt road to let another vehicle pass by. The shoulder of the road gave way beneath the truck and it tipped over. An RCMP spokesman says it was a pretty minor incident with less than a thousand dollars damage.

Stunting Charges

A second "stunting" charge has been laid within four days by the Integrated Impaired Driving Enforcement Unit based out of Chester.. The charges are the result of drivers travelling at speeds in excess of 50 km/h over the posted speed limit of 100 km/h. In one case, the speed exceeded the posted limit by 80 kilometres per hour. Two males ages 19 and 20 were issued immediate 7 day licence suspensions, fines of 24 hundred dollars and had their vehicles seized for 7 days. The incidents took place at Exits 8 and 9 on the 103 Highway.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Share the Warmth

It's only Fall but the cold weather will be on us before you know it. Atlantic Fabric's in Oakhill is presenting its ninth annual "Share the Warmth" next Monday and Tuesday, September 27th and 28th from 9am till 9pm at the Bridgewater Fire Hall. Atlantic Fabrics is donating quilt batting, thread and backing for quilts and customers are being asked to donate their scrap fabrics for the quilt tops. People are also being asked to volunteer some time to make up the quilts which will be distributed to the areas shelters for bedding.
In the past six years, volunteers have collectively made over 28 hundred quilts which are now being enjoyed at over 14 shelters and organizations across the province.

Solar Energy for Town Hall

It came down to quality. Bridgewater Town Council has approved a tender for the supply and installation of of a solar thermal energy system at Town Hall. Scotian Renewables was awarded the contract for 102 thousand 721 dollars, over budget by 22 thousand dollars. Mayor Carroll Publicover says despite the overrun, it was the best way to go. The company achieved a better all-round design with higher quality components, a stronger offering of customer service, and better and more qualified corporate experience. Funding for the project is coming from the Federal Gas Tax. The Town can expect to achieve a simple payback of its solar costs in about 6 to 8 years.

Business Excellence Awards

Eighteen businesses in Lunenburg and Queens have been selected as finalists from more than 100 nominations received for the Lunenburg Queens Business Excellence Awards.The category winners will be announced at the gala Awards Dinner being held this year at Atlantica Hotel & Marina Oak Island on October 4th, 2010. As well as the honour of being deemed leader in their category, the finalists will be vying for a beautiful plaque crafted by Amos Pewter of Mahone Bay. The Nominations are:

Helping Nature Heal, TecBox, and The Nodding Group
MacIntyre-Purcell Publishing Ltd., HEKA Electronics Inc., and LP East River (Canexel)
Fleur de Sel Restaurant, Bridgewater Comfort Inn, and White Point
High Liner Foods Inc., J.M. Reynolds Pharmacy, and Julien’s Pastry Shop Ltd.
School House Gluten-Free Gourmet, Able Engineering Services Inc., and Apple Berry Farm Market
Windhorse Farm, Meisner & Zwicker Construction Ltd., and Safe Home Security

The guest speaker at this years awards ceremony is Aileen Reid, Founder and CEO, A.P. Reid Insurance Stores Limited.


The Region of Queens Municipality is funding a bidding war.

Council awarded ten thousand dollars to a group trying to bring Nova Scotia Music to the Region of Queens in 2011.

Mayor John Leefe says there is no guarantee, but hopes their contribution will land them the winning bid.

"We anticipate that this will be a good investment at a low tourism time of the year, to encourage people to come and stay in Queens and enjoy all the wonderful things that are here, including wonderful music, " says Leefe.

The municipality will find out if they won the bidding war during this year's Music Week which gets underway in Yarmouth on November 4th.


The Region of Queens Municipality Mayor says the Provincial CAP system is hurting the people its supposed to protect.

John Leefe says many of his constituents don't realize how harmful the taxation system is to the value of their homes and their savings in the bank.

"The people who capping was supposed to assist most is people on low incomes, which almost always is people who live in modest housing. Modest housing does not increase in value as much as rapidly as more upscale housing, yet it's upscale housing that tends to be capped," says Leefe.

Leefe says homeowners who want to maintain a cap on their homes are also reluctant to sell, and that's stunting the real estate market.

The municipality is recommending the CAP system be phased out and replaced with a series of low income exemptions and deferral programs.

The province says the system was introduced in 1995 to protect Nova Scotians from dramatic increases in market values.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Lunenburg County RCMP will be undertaking a traffic initiative from October 8th to the 11th. Called OPERATION IMPACT, the enforcement-driven initiative is designed to increase public compliance with safe driving measures and ultimately, to save lives. Part of the activities will involve targeted enforcement in the areas of impaired driving. The other part is an education campaign to address the importance of safe driver behaviour. The Mounties also want to raise the public's awareness of Road Safety Vision 2012- to make Canada's roads the safest in the world.

Supporting the Arts

The province is seeking advice and opinions from the arts and culture sector on government's role in supporting and fostering artistic and cultural activity. Public meeting are scheduled for a number of communities including the Town of Liverpool on Wednesday Ocober 6th from 7 to 9:30pm at the Lions Hall on Gorham Street. Percy Paris, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage says with the consultation, government is taking the first step toward keeping its commitment to address governance and funding for the arts and culture sector. A summary report will be made public after the consultation process.
Information regarding the online, mail and fax surveys is available at .

Anterless Deer Stamps Available

Hunters are getting another shot at for antlerless deer stamps. The Department of Natural Resources has announced that 688 antlerless deer stamps are still available for deer management zone 103, which includes Lunenburg County,Halifax and parts of Hants, Queens, Kings and Annapolis counties.
The remaining stamps will be available on a first-come,
first-serve basis starting at 7 a.m.,today Wednesday, September 22nd. Applicants are reminded that antlerless deer stamps are not transferrable or refundable and you may apply only once.
To apply for one of the zone 103 stamps applicants must:
-- be a resident of Nova Scotia
-- be eligible to hold a 2010 deer hunting licence
-- be 16 years of age or over
-- hold a Nova Scotia Wildlife Resources Card
-- not already hold a 2010 antlerless deer stamp in any deer management zone
-- not have suspended hunting privileges

Applications will be accepted by phone at 1-900-565-3337 or at for $7.25 plus HST. Calls cannot be made from cellphones.


The Mayor of the Region of Queens says the municipality should not be paving the way for the province.

John Leefe says the municipality should not have to pay the Department of Transportation for maintenance of J-class roads in the region.

"They're are not municipally owned roads, yet the province is requiring the municipality to take property taxes for maintenance and service. Really, we shouldn't have to pay anything towards them...but we are required and we have no choice, " says Leefe.

Leefe says the the municipality is being discriminated-against.

He says they pay more than 250 thousand dollars in annual maintenance when regions, like Clare, pay nothing.

Leefe says the same bureaucrats who created the payment mandate in 1995 are still in power today.


Region of Queens Municipal council has approved a 14 thousand dollar budget for new computers and a server system for their offices.

Mayor John Leefe says the current system is seven years old and is long overdue for the garbage heap.

The purchase will be funded from the Computer Equipment Reserve.

Meanwhile, council has also approved the purchase of a 2010 Chevrolet Canyon four-wheel drive truck.

The extended cab pickup truck will replace the Bylaw Enforcement Department truck that was recently damaged in an accident.


A Lunenburg County man is facing charges after an armed standoff with police.

Lunenburg County RCMP responded to a complaint last night of a combative, intoxicated man at an address on Italy Cross Road.

Police say they were immediately engaged in standoff with a male suspect who was brandishing a knife.

After a few minutes, the subject was subdued and taken into custody.

He will appear in Bridgewater Court later today to face charges of 'Breach of Probation' and 'Possession of a Weapon Dangerous to the Public Peace'.

Anyone with more information on this incident is asked to contact Lunenburg County RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


Many children slip under the bed to hide from ghosts and goblins but one local robber decided to use the same ploy to hide from police.

Shelburne RCMP responded to a call of a break and enter on Woodlawn Drive on Saturday night.

While at the scene, police received a second report of a break and enter down the road.

Police say they eventually found the seventeen-year-old hiding under the bed.

The accused Shelburne resident appeared in Yarmouth Provincial Court on Monday to face two charges of break and enter and one charge of breaching probation.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hydrant Fees

The Municipality of Luneburg has accepted a cost-sharing proposal from the Northfield Fire Department regarding funding of the hydrant fee. The fire department was asked to cost-share the maintenance fees for hydrants along MacCulloch (Ma-CULL-ah) Road and within the Exit 12/Osprey Village Development. The department has agreed to pay two thousand dollars in 2010 and 11. The hydrant fees will increase to three thousand dollars for 2012 and 13 and five thousand dollars for 2014. Fire Chief John McKay says the fire department will re-evaluate its support at the end of 2014 unless expenses increase to the point the department cannot afford the payments. Should that happen, the department will hold discussions with council to either alter or stop the payments.

Bridgewater Bails on Bus System

Bridgewater is backing out of being part of a joint-transit system proposal for the next two years. Along with Bridgewater,the towns of Mahone Bay and Lunenburg, and the Municipality of Lunenburg were exploring the implementation of a a hybrid Lunenburg County model, integrating fixed route services with on-demand services . Studies show start-up costs for a municipally owned and operated service could total more than 555 thousand dollars to be cost-shared between the partner units. Allocated TRIPP funding for an analysis and action plan will be put into a reserve fund.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Temporary Traffic Lights for Haven Drive

Trying to get on North Street from Eisenhaur Place or Lahave Heights will get a little easier in the near future. Town Council has awarded the tenders for temporary traffic lights at Haven Drive. Solar Signals Inc. of Ontario has been awarded almost 19 thousand dollars for the supply of the majority of the components. The one exception, a separate tender for 22 hundred dollars to Tacel Ltd. of Ontario for the pedestrian push buttons. That company's push buttons are more rugged and vandal resistant than all the other manufacturers. The target date to have the lights operational is November 1st.

Cemetery Commission to be Dissolved

Bridgewater Town Council is in the process of undertaking the dissolution of the Brookside Cemetery Commission. Deputy-Mayor David Walker who also chairs the Cemetery Commission says it was discussed for a private operation to come in, however, the cemetery will be run and operated by Town staff. The Commission itself recommended to Council to begin the dissolution process conditional on the development of a mechanism to assure community input and involvement. The Commission manages the Brookside Cemetery which is owned and operated by the Town. The management function of the Commission allows its members to make "Binding" agreements for the perpetual care and maintenance in good order, or for any designated time of any lot, grave, tomb, monument or enclosure in the Cemetery. The Cemetery Commission for the Town of Bridgewater has managed Brookside Cemetery since 1930.

Bridgewater Listed by WCB

It's a list the Town of Bridgewater doesn't want to be on. The Worker's Compensation Board has named the town on its list of employers with bad safety records. The list is 16 percent longer this year. WCB reports that 92 employers will receive a surcharge in 2011, up from 79 this year. An employer’s claims costs must be at least three times their industry average for at least four consecutive years to be surcharged. Surcharges are cumulative and can add an additional 20 per cent to a firm’s base rate each year. Before they are surcharged, employers receive two warnings – one in each of the preceding two years.
Mayor Carroll Publicover says the CAO is looking into the matter and will report on the impact on the town in terms of dollars, and how to get off the list. Publicover says he doesn't have the specifics, but they're probably public works kind of accidents that made the list and the police force could even come into play.


Search Boats are back out on the water today after a life raft capsule and life ring were found.

Both items, marked with "RLJ" were found yesterday evening by two fishing vessels headed to sea.

Police say the life raft capsule appeared to be intact and it is believed the raft is still inside.

The fishing vessel "RLJ" was last heard from on September 10th. At the time she was six nautical miles from St. Martins, New Brunswick.

RCMP from Digby Detachment and RCMP Patrol Vessel "Preventor" continue to search the waters of the Bay of Fundy today.

The initial search effort was called off on September 14th.


The village of Chester is planning on distributing a census.

The voluntary questionnaire will be used to gather information regarding residents and business owners within the village limits.

Iris Tolliver with the Chester commission says council came up with the idea when planning for Lido pool.

"When they were going to do their renovations with the Lido pool. The question came up, 'how many people who use the pool live within the village boundaries?' The information was no where to be available and the idea gained momentum from that," says Tolliver.

Tolliver says both council members and Chester citizens questioned the merit, privacy and accountability of a commission-made report.

That's when council decided to bring in a third party.

Tolliver says the party has not been selected and the cost of the project is still undetermined.


Mahone Bay Town Council is getting the cold shoulder.

Town council has seen a slow response to their proposal to turn the waterfront into a designated park.

Mayor Joseph Feeny says he has yet receive word from the three churches and the proprietor of the Teazer gift shop has said they're not interested.

Feeny says some people who use the area bring with them loud music, noisy cars, foul language and drinking. But not everyone uses the space the same way.

"The problem for the RCMP officer is, if he tells me to leave because I'm being noisy. He has to tell you to leave, regardless of whether your being noisy or not because that's the way it is. Everyone has to be treated the same," says Feeny.

Feeny says erecting signs with closure times for the area would help give police some control.

If plans for Edgewater Park are approved the area would be closed to the public from 11 pm to 5 am, every night.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mahone Bay Purchases Watershed Lands

Mahone Bay is taking steps to better protect its water supply.

Town council has purchased two parcels of land bordering Oakland Lake.

Mayor Joe Feeny says the ten acres was acquired as part of an ongoing attempt to protect the town's watershed.

It was six months ago when the town first bid on the property.

Chief Administrative Officer, James Wentzell, says purchasing the land through a tax sale led to processing delays, but removed large leans on the property from the previous owner.

The town now owns six lake-side properties.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Drug Sentencing

Production and trafficking marijuana has netted a Queens County man a year and a-half on house arrest. Thirty-six year old Craig Allan Whynot of Brooklyn received a conditional sentence which includes house arrest to be followed by a year on probation.Whynot was also charged with careless use of a firearm. Police discovered a large quantity of freshly harvested marihuana drying in an outbuilding in Milton, and a large quantity of marihuana at Whynot's property in Brooklyn. Whynot was also fined 31 hundred dollars after pleading guilty to possession of illegal cigarettes. His spouse, 35 year old Jennifer Lynn Westhaver was sentenced to 12 months probation and fined 15 hundred dollars on a charge of possession of marijuana.

School Gray Zones Meetings

The South Shore Regional School Board will be hosting public meetings to discuss current gray zones in specific catchment areas. The Board is reviewing areas from which students are attending more than one school. Options will
be discussed at the meeting where the public will have an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. The first meeting was held last night and other sessions are set for September 27th, 28th and 29th.
Location: Forest Heights Community School
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Schools involved: Chester District Elementary School and Gold River Western Shore Elementary School
Current Option Area: Route 12 from cr. Hwy 3 in Chester Basin to and including the Lacey Mines Road.
o These students currently have the option of going to either Chester District Elementary School or Gold River Western Shore

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Place: Bridgewater Junior/Senior High School
Schools involved: Bridgewater Elementary School, Pentz Elementary School and Hebbville Academy
Option Area: Gravel section of Hillside Drive, Meadowbrook Subdivision.
o These students currently have the option of going to Bridgewater Elementary, Pentz Elementary or Hebbville Academy

Location: West Northfield Elementary School
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Schools involved: New Germany Rural High School and Park
Option Areas:
o From Bridgewater Town Limits, to and including, the Bruhm Road along Highway 10
o Junction of Hwy 10 and Pine Grove Road to the Dauphinee Road (across from cemetery on Pine Grove Road)
o From Bridgewater Town Limits to and including the Bruhm Bridge along the Lower Branch Germany Rural High and
Park View Education Centre.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Break,Enter & Theft Charges

A Bridgewater man is facing charges in connection with the theft of laptops from a Wileville residence. The 19 year old male has been charged with break enter and theft in relation to an incident on July 22nd. The teen is also facing charges of assault, threats and breach of undertaking on unrelated matters. He has been released on conditions and will appear for pleas in Bridgewater Provincial Court on October 6th.

Queens Place Open House

The public is invited to an open house and information session regarding Queens Place Recreation and Community Facility. Staff and architects will be available to discuss all aspects of Queens Place including design and construction, operations and programs, budgets and fundraising and opportunities for development. The open house is slated for next Wednesday, September 22nd from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Best Western.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

International Student Orientation

International Students who will be attending South Shore schools will undergo two days of orientation at White Point Beach Resort beginning today. Trish Smith, Communications Director for the South Shore Regional School Board says on the first day students will relax, get to know one another, and take part in recreational activities and have opportunities to practice English and share cultures. Day two will cover cultural information and Canadian law, among other things. Smith says this is a time for students to meet other International Students as well as staff and host parents involved in the program.

Sewer Service for Shore Road Residents

Shore Road residents say they no longer want to be responsibility for dumping raw sewage in Lunenburg harbour. The properties in the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg border approximately 500 meters of Lunenburg harbour shoreline in an area almost at the centre of the eastern side of the harbour. Municipal Council has accepted the residents' petitions and authorized staff to explore the feasibility of extending the services to the properties. Mayor Don Downe says until a study is done to determine the actual cost and have acceptance from the Town to work on the issue, it will still be a few months in the process.

Facilitator for Oakland Area Advisory Committee

The Municipality of Lunenburg is providing a facilitator to work with the Oakland Advisory Committee in hopes of healing a division within the group. The community has been at odds since a proposed development of a subdivision a number of years ago. Mayor Don Downe says Council is trying to show leadership and attempt to bridge the views of the groups members. The Municipality has approved a thousand dollars to hire a facilitator to conduct at least one meeting with the Advisory Area Committee.


Mahone Bay will have to fund the paving of two roads without the help of the Province.

Council submitted cost-sharing proposals to both the Department of Highways and Transportation and the Department of Municipal Services for the paving of Edgewater and Main Street.

Both departments declined to provide financing.

Mayor Joseph Feeny says that means plans for repairs to the town wharf will have to wait until next year.

He says council has seen a steep decline in provincial support.

"We've always argued because our main street is part of the provincial government highway system it's not fair we get treated (this way). We one time used to get assistance from the Department to help with ditching and snow plowing and maintenance... well that's now since gone by the by, " says Feeny.

The paving of both roads will cost approximately 250 thousand dollars.


Mahone Bay is expanding its real estate horizons.

Town council has purchased two parcels of land bordering Oakland Lake.

Mayor Joseph Feeny says the ten acres was acquired as part of an ongoing attempt to protect the town's watershed.

"We, over the past three to five years, have been gradually, when the opportunity arose, purchasing pieces of property as they became available on the market," says Feeny.

It was six months ago when the town first bid on the properties.

Chief Administrative Officer, James Wentzell, says purchasing the land through a tax sale led to processing delays, but removed large leans on the property from the previous owner.

The town now owns six lake-side properties.


Queens County RCMP are investigating a theft.

Police say thieves entered a property on Highway 8 in Pleasantfield.

Two large batteries were removed from a truck and a quantity of electrical wire was taken from a sawmill located on the property.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact Queens County RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


Mahone Bay has been designated as a low risk region for wastewater overflow and spillage.

That rating means council won't need to upgrade the system for thirty years.

The designation is part of a Canada-wide strategy by the Public Works Department to determine the sewage treatment needs of each region based on their size, industrial activity and proximity to coastal regions.

The evaluations were conducted by the "Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment" for the" Management of Municipal Wastewater Effluent".


Mahone Bay town council has decided to light up Main Street with some new LED lighting.

Forty dark-sky friendly lights will be installed by "LED Roadway Lighting" of Amherst.

The tender was awarded at Tuesday night's council meeting at a cost of more than 33- thousand dollars.

Fifty percent of that cost will be subsidized by an Eco grant from the Nova Scotia Department of Environment.

Mayor Joseph Feeny says eventually the lights will be installed throughout the whole town.

Council also approved the purchase of a new 4WD 1-ton Dodge truck, complete with a plow and Combination Dump-Box Spreader, at a cost $64,800.00


The search for four crewmen from a scallop dragger that failed to return to port from a fishing trip on the Bay of Fundy has ended in heartache.

The search for the dragger R-L-J was called off last night after officials conceded no one could have survived whatever happened to the vessel.

The 13-metre boat from Digby went out last week and was supposed to return home Sunday.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Riverfront Renaissance Celebration

There's a party planned for downtown Bridgewater on next month. The cause for celebration is the completion of improvements to the downtown waterfront including King Street Court. The park is one of the phases of a multi-year
Riverfront Renaissance project and includes the fountain in the LaHave River between the two bridges. Town Council has approved up to 15 hundred dollars for the community celebration and to cover any shortfall. Other improvements include a look-off point and the installation of interpretive panels. The community celebration is set for Saturday October 2nd from 9:30 a.m till 2 p.m.

Traffic Disruptions

It's a nuisance, but a necessary evil. Traffic in downtown Bridgewater will be disrupted for the next couple of weeks as infrastructure upgrades continue. Town Engineer Harland Wyand says crews are replacing storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems and water mains that in some cases are more than 50 years old. Crews are currently working at the King and Dufferin Street intersection and on Dufferin Street to Alexandra Avenue. Work is expected to take about 6 weeks to approximately November 1st, and is carried out from 7am to 7pm daily. Motorists are advised to use alternate routes.

State Your Name

Be prepared to give your name if you file a dangerous and unsightly premises complaint in the Municipality of Lunenburg. A ratepayer or resident can no longer remain anonymous. Councillor Basil Oickle says he's opposed because people will be reluctant to identify themselves fearing repercussions. Municipal Council approved a motion that each complaint must be accompanied by a name and the matter will be followed up within 14 days. A person's name could eventually be revealed through a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) Act.

Be Quiet

Noise complaints associated with an automotive event at the Exhibition grounds is prompting Bridgewater Town Council to consider implementing a Noise By-law. Councillor Greg Ritcey says he fielded 14 calls regarding the South Shore in Motion Festival. He says he fully supports the festival but perhaps the organizers could look at rescheduling the events or change its hours to end earlier in the evening, even extending the event over a longer period such as a week. Bridgewater Town Council is looking at possibly implementing a Noise By-law. Mayor Carroll Publicover says the challenge is to encompass all the types of noise violations . Noise issues are currently covered under several Town By-laws and Provincial Legislation


Aircraft and ships are continuing a search for a fishing boat with four people on board that's missing in the Bay of Fundy.

So far, the search has turned up some debris, but it's not known whether it's from the scallop dragger "R-L-J" out of Digby.

A life-jacket and a picnic cooler have been found.

The 13-metre vessel went out fishing last week and was due back in port Sunday but failed to show up.

The vessel's last known position was east of Saint John.

The names of those on board have not been released.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Developer Seeks Amendments

The developer of a major multi-phased housing project is now seeking changes to the proposal. Jo-Lo Developments received approval from Bridgewater Town Council in June 2007 to construct a project consisting of 224 condo units, including semis, townhouses and multi unit residential buildings off Glen Allen Drive. The developer now wants an amendment to reduce the rear yard setbacks 4 units in Phases 1, 3, 5 and 7 due to rock issues and the wider public street right-of-way requirements.
Town Planner Eric Shaw says the changes are substantive and there are a number of outstanding issues that have to be resolved. A number of Hollingsworth Drive residents have also expressed concern over the construction timeline. Council endorsed the planners recommendation that the applicant submit all outstanding requirements for review before the matter can be scheduled for a public participation meeting.

Mushroom Foray

This year, friends of fungus will get together to unearth a little more of Nova Scotia's biodiversity. The Nova Scotia Mycological Society, a young group with an old-sounding name, will bring together nature lovers and mushroom experts for their 3rd annual foray, an organized walk into the woods to gather and identify mushrooms. The foray is structured around a 3 to 4 hour walk in the woods with an expert, collecting samples and learning about mushrooms in nature. Groups return from 3 or 4 trail locations to an indoor setting to lay out their samples, and begin the difficult work of identification. The 2 night, 3 day program including talks, clinics, field trips and entertainment, this year's foray is scheduled for September 24-26, 2010, at White Point Beach Resort in Liverpool. Those interested in the foray and the samples collected in previous years, are invited to visit


Chester County RCMP are investigating an act of vandalism.

Sometime between Friday night and Sunday morning the Aspotogan Consolidated Elementtary School was damaged.

The vandals placed debris around the schoolyard and damaged siding on the building.

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to contact Lunenburg County RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


RCMP are ramping up traffic patrols in our region.

According to Western Traffic Services, 75 school zone speeders were ticketed in the south-western part of the province in one week.

Speed enforcement operations at schools in Barton and Weymouth in Digby County and in Arcadia and Yarmouth in Yarmouth County led to the onslaught of tickets.

According to the RCMP these increased patrols, and those on the South Shore, will continue as a way of reminding motorists to slow down in school zones.

RCMP education campaigns in playgrounds, parking lots and classrooms will also help increase safety for students, cyclists and pedestrians.

Western Traffic Services are reminding the public to use extra caution behind the wheel now that school is back in session.


Bridgewater Town Police are investigating an act of vandalism.

Sometime overnight on Friday, Sept 10, the windows of an unoccupied home at the top Winburn Avenue were smashed out.

Meanwhile, on the same evening, a vehicle parked at 415 Dufferin Street had both mirrors smashed off.

Anyone with information on these crimes is asked to contact Bridgewater Police or Crime Stoppers.


A local man is facing charges after Queens County RCMP were tipped off about an impaired driver.

Police received several calls, on Sunday night, from citizens concerned about a man driving under the influence in Caledonia.

Patrols were made and a 42 year old was arrested and lodged in cells.

He is facing charges of impaired driving and possession of a controlled substance.

The accused will appear in Liverpool Provincial Court on November 16th.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Award for Water Plant

The Town of Lunenburg's water supply upgrade has been selected as the Project of the Year by the Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Association. The award is to be presented at the ACWWA Annual Conference in Saint John New Brunswick tomorrow . The water utility of the Town of Lunenburg completed a 7.5 million dollar water treatment facility in May of this year. The water utility serves about 25 hundred customers.

Living Well by the Sea..Library Conference

Education Minister Marilyn More will be the guest speaker at the provincial Library Boards Association of Nova Scotia conference this coming weekend in Queens County. Library Staff and Board Members will gather at White Point Beach Resort on September 17th,18th, and 19th. Minister More will address library delegates about the importance of library service in Nova Scotia.

LCLC Looks for Funding

The Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre Society is hoping other municipal units will contribute to their capital campaign. The 33 million dollar facility to be built in Bridgewater will house an indoor aquatic centre, one NHL sized rink, a new library, multi purpose and active living space. The federal and provincial governments have each kicked in 10 million dollars with the Town of Bridgewater and Municipality of Lunenburg cost sharing a third . LCLC members pitched a proposal to Chester Council last week extolling the virtues of the centre for Chester residents and asking Council for a commitment of half a million dollars. The towns of Mahone Bay and Lunenburg will also be asked to commit funding to the project.

Chester Development Plan for Highway 3

A draft plan on development for the outskirts of Chester will now go to the public for feedback. The consultants plan for development of Highway 3 has been presented to Chester Municipal Council for review. Warden Alan Webber says it's a controversial issue and Council is trying to find a way to balance residential and commercial concerns. Public pressure resulted in Council voting down an amendment to rezone a portion of Highway 3 from the WIndjammer Restaurant to Collicut Building Supplies. Council then decided to undertake a broader planning approach with public engagement.