Friday, May 4, 2012

Saturday: Kinley's Memorial Service In Lunenburg

A memorial service will be held this weekend for a former lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia. John James Kinley, a resident of Lunenburg, passed away this week at the age of 86. Kinley was the province's 29th lieutenant governor from 1994 until 2000. In 2002, he was also appointed to the Order of Nova Scotia and awarded the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal, which recognizes outstanding contributions to communities and Canada. Long-time friend and Lunenburg Mayor Laurence Mawhinney says Kinley was one of the town's most distinguished sons.

"We had shared many experiences together in the community and I always found him to be a great friend to talk with and to listen to. He always had wisdom to share which was always beneficial and we have lost a very distinguished son,"

Mawhinney says Kinley was a widely respected and caring man. The memorial service will be held at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Lunenburg on Saturday at 2 o'clock.

Jesus T-Shirt - Support Builds For Grade 12 Student

A prominent Bridgewater businessman believes schools officials in Chester Basin may have jumped the gun when they suspended a student over the wording on a t-shirt. Grade 12 student William Swinimmar is serving a five-day suspension for his refusal to stop wearing a shirt which says "Life is wasted without Jesus". The South Shore Regional School Board has begun consultations with a human rights expert to determine if the shirt is offensive.  Richards says it's a sign the suspension wasn't carefully thought through.

"The fact that bothers me the most is they suspended him and now then they are getting an expert to decide whether or not they should have...I mean he's been found guilty before hand. There a whole bunch of things wrong here and for a young fella like this to stand up for himself, he has to be respected and somobody has to support him,"

Richards says he feels Swinimmar should be commended for standing up for his beliefs. As a show of support, Richards has donated enough money to make one-hundred of the bright yellow T-shirts which will be handed out to other students at the school.

Charges Laid In Bridgewater Prescription Drug Seisure

Two Lunenburg County residents are facing numerous charges resulting from a police seizure of prescription drugs, marijuana and cash at a Bridgewater residence.  The South Shore Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit, and General Investigation Section carried out a search warrant at the residence on Wednesday.

37 year old Troy Joseph Duffney and 27-year-old Amy Rachel Bolivar, both of Bridgewater, were arrested and held in police custody.  They're charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

They have been released on conditions and appear in Bridgewater Court May 30th.

High Liner Foods Will Shut Down Two Plants

More than 100 workers will lose their jobs when the High Liner Foods plant in Burin, Newfoundland, shuts down by the end of December. The Lunenburg-based frozen seafood company announced the closure yesterday. Its plant in Danvers, Massachusetts, will also shut its doors. The company says the facilities are costly to run and underutilized.

Martin Pushing Towards Olympic Berth

The South Shore's Olympic hopeful remains confident an Olympic qualifying time is near. Jenna Martin says she is running the best she ever has and is close to reaching this summer's games in London, England. Martin is training with runners who have won medals at the World Championships and Olympics before. She says it helps her prepare.
"Running against athletes that are potentially better than you or that I can possibly beat, it's just motivation to bring out the best in me and that's exactly the meets that I need in order to race Olympic 'A' Standard."
Meanwhile, the coach for Martin feels the Bridgewater runner is getting stronger each day. Charles Scarrow says Martin has been training extremely hard in preparation for the London Olympics in August. He says all signs indicate Martin will break out at any time.
"We both feel she's in the best condition of her life, you know, physically, emotionally, technically. Training has been great, her training partners have just been fantastic and all her workouts show that Jenna is ready to run fast, very, very fast."
Martin will compete in St. Marten's in the Caribbean Saturday before travelling to the Cayman Islands for another meet May 9. More of the interview with Jenna Martin and Charles Scarrow can be heard on this weekend's South Shore Sunday Morning.