Monday, March 4, 2013

Woman Charged After Boxer Dogs Allegedly Sold

Bridgewater Police have laid charges after a lengthy investigation involving the alleged sale of a pair of boxer dogs. The investigation began last month when a Saint John, New Brunswick woman placed an online ad looking for a dog sitter. A Nova Scotia woman responded to the ad and the dogs were sent to Halifax to be temporarily cared for. However, the rightful owner eventually lost contact with the person who accepted the dogs. After a three week investigation, police recovered the two boxers and they were returned. Gail Benoit has been charged with fraud, theft of under $5,000 and identity fraud. She is due to appear in Bridgewater Court on May 8th.

New Visitor Centre Remains On Track To Open In May

The new visitor information centre off Exit 11 in Blockhouse is nearing completion. CAO for the Municipality of Lunenburg, Tammy Wilson, says the project remains on track to open May 1. She says the centre is roughly 80 per cent complete, with some interior work still to be finalized. Wilson expects a parking lot to be created once the weather warms up. The municipality, along with the town of Bridgewater approved a joint venture to fund the new centre and will cost-share just over $23,000 for at least the first five years of a 10-year lease. A grand opening is tentatively planned for mid-May.

Health: More People Using Cancer Patient Navigator

The CEO for South Shore Health says increased awareness for people diagnosed with cancer is a good thing. Dr. Peter Vaughan was commenting on the fact that the authority's Cancer Patient Navigator has seen a jump in visits by over 30 per cent. The navigator supports cancer patients and their families by improving access and coordinating treatment, follow-up and support. Vaughan says he's pleased to hear more people are accessing the service.

He says its a great resource for people with cancer to get answers to questions and concerns. More information on South Shore Health's Cancer Patient Navigator can be found here .

Who's Scamming You?

A few days ago we told you Shelburne RCMP were investigating complaints of internet fraud. A phone scam is making the rounds in which a would-be victim is told by phone they've won a huge Publishers Clearing House prize. The victims are told to provide personal information and wire cash to a bank account in order to retrieve the 2.5 million dollar prize. Jill Atkinson of the Better Business Bureau says thats a new one to her but the BBB is looking into it. The Bureau has also released its list of top 10 scams making the rounds these days. Leading the way are phishing scams, like the one which involves the Better Business Bureau with a nasty twist to it. Atkinson tells us: "Scammers from, they believe eastern Europe, are using the BBB's name to send out fake emails to businesses that actually ask the business that they have a complaint and/or want information updated. Its not actually from us and we're very concerned because some of these scammers have attached viruses to the links." Other scams making the list are door-to-door sales, vacation scams, group coupon buying and disability tax reduction services. Here's the Top Ten List:

1. Phishing Scams.
2. Debt Settlement Services.
3. Computer Virus Fixing Scam.
4. Door-to-door Sales.
5. Vacation Scams.
6. Mystery Shopping.
7. Advertising Trolls.
8. Disability Tax Reduction Services.
9. Advance Fee Loans.
10. Group Coupon Buying.

Atkinson reminds consumers to check with the BBB before doing business with any firm.
She also gives the following advise:

Do not provide your credit card or bank account number to any unknown firm.
Do not open email attachments or click on links from any unknown person or company.
If you have won a prize, do not send money to the promoter for taxes or other fees.
Never agree to provide any upfront fee for a “guaranteed” loan.
Never agree to wire money back to a firm or individual if they have overpaid you for a good or service or have hired you to perform a mystery shop.
Limit what personal information that you put on social networking sites.
Always shred any unwanted documentation, unsolicited mail or credit card applications that contain personal information.
Carry only the identification that you need. Put other identification such as SIN, birth certificate and passport in a safe place.
Never let your debit card or credit card out of your site when conducting a transaction at point of sale.

South Canoe Wind Project: Part 2

The second half of a public hearing regarding a $200 million wind project will be held Monday in Chester Basin. Members of municipal council in Chester were forced to defer making a decision on whether or not to support the South Canoe Wind project nearly two weeks ago. The February 21 public hearing drew 150 people in attendance and lasted nearly four hours. The distance wind turbines would be constructed from homes is the major sticking point among area residents. The proposed wind project is being led by Minas Basin Pulp and Power, Oxford Frozen Foods and Nova Scotia Power. South Canoe would feature 34 turbines between Vaughan and New Russell. It would generate enough power to hear 32,000 homes and annually inject more than $650,000 into the municipality in tax revenue. The meeting begins at 7 o'clock and will be held at Forest Heights Community School.

Shelburne Mayor Hopes RCMP Back In Full Force This Spring

There is a shortage of RCMP officers to patrol the town of Shelburne and some residents fear the crime rate will jump as a result. However, Mayor Karen Mattatall doesn't think that will happen. She says: "It just happens to be a situation where four officers at the same time ended up having time off. Its probably quite unique. The issue seems to be Ottawa doesn't have a very good plan in place for when that happens." Mayor Mattattal says she and her council have received assurances from the RCMP their numbers will be back to the normal complement in the spring. There are usually ten officers available but that number's been cut in half by officers who have left the force or taken sick leave.

MODL: Group To Design Plan For MARC North

The Municipality of Lunenburg is entering into an agreement with the province's Off-road Riders Association to help develop MARC North in New Germany. Council has approved a proposal from the group to design a site plan, entry and parking lot for the property. The roughly 115 acres of land has been earmarked for recreational space since the fall of 2011. Deputy Mayor Don Zwicker says the municipality will help advise the group.

Zwicker says getting the off-road association involved was an opportunity council couldn't let slip away. He expects work to start this spring.