Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bridgewater Councillors take aim at local MLAs

Councillor Bill McInnis
Councillor David Mitchell

A pair of Bridgewater councillors are sounding off about local MLAs voting in favour of First Contract Arbitration. Bill 102 passed late last week in the Legislature with Lunenburg MLA Pam Birdsall and Lunenburg West MLA Gary Ramey supporting their government's decision. Bill McInnis had some advice for the two politicians.

"I think those two MLAs should seriously consider resigning for what they've done to our town, potentially what they have done to our town."

McInnis says it was a very serious decision and should not have been supported by the local MLAs. Meanwhile, Councillor David Mitchell also chimed in, saying it was a questionable decision.

"It's pretty clear that they weren't necessarily listening to the people and as MLAs, their job is to be the representatives of the people at the provincial level."

Mitchell says he's concerned because the decision could halt Michelin's investment into their provincial plants including the South Shore.

Local Author to give Lecture on Swissair 111 Crash

A Chester Basin author is bringing his theory about what may have brought down Swissair Flight 111 to Mahone Bay. Paul Palango, widely known for three books about the inner workings of the RCMP, will lead a lecture on the 1998 disaster this afternoon. The crash was attributed to a fire caused by faulty wiring in the attic of the plane but Palango suggests that terrorists were responsible for the crash and the fire on the plane wasn't accidental. Palango says his interest in the crash peaked a few years ago when he was contacted by the lead forensics investigator on the disaster. "I wasn't really that interested in the beginning because I thought it would be some kind of conspiracy theory but as I went through the documents and the scenarios involved it became clear to me and others who I shared this with that there was something else going on here," The lecture will take place at the Mahone Bay Centre at 2 PM.

Environmental concerns cause additional costs at Centre jail

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg is shelling out an extra $8,000 after some environmental concerns were found at the Centre jail property. Strum Environmental found asbestos under floor tiles and needs to sample and analyze ash material discovered under one of the outbuildings. The company completed work on the asbestos issue for $2,833.96 plus HST and is asking for another $4,880 plus HST to sample and test the ash material. Strum Environmental's original contract was $21,413 and will increase to $29,125.96 as a result of the findings. A report from the Department of Engineering and Public Works says test results of the ash material will be received in the next 15 days.