Monday, May 25, 2009

Candidate Forums

2009-05-25 06:16:34


Another south shore riding will be giving voters a chance to hear directly from the candidates ahead of the June 9th vote.  The South Queens Chamber of Commerce is holding their event on May 27th at the Junior High School Auditorium in Liverpool.   Vicki Conrad of the NDP, Wayne Henley of the Liberals and Kerry Morash of the Conservatives will be there and organisers say the Green Party has also been invited.  All will be asked six questions that include school board autonomy, government involvement in the economy, support for volunteer fire departments, fiscial responsibility, health care in Queens and forestry growth and protection.  And people in the audience will also get to submit questions.  That same night, Lunenburg West candidates will be holding a forum at the Michelin hall and the next night, The five Lunenburg candidates will be having their say.