Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flu Clinic Closing

The latest round of the Swine Flu appears to be on the wane -- and -- the latest sign is the closure of the Flu Assessment Clinic at the Yarmouth Hospital effective tomorrow.
Officials say the there has been a drop in the number of people showing up with flu symptoms -- but -- it will re-open if that situation changes.
Meanwhile -- the Flu Assessment Clinic at the South Shore Regional Hospital remains open Monday through Friday between one and four in the afternoon.

Town Moves To Control Adult Entertainment

Bridgewater council wants to have tighter controls on where adult entertainment venues set up shop in the town.
Mayor Carroll Publicover says the town doesn't have any legal right to ban the clubs -- but -- he tells CKBW News town staff will look at a couple of zoning options by either setting up an exclusive zone for the operations or tightening up existing zoning to make sure they can't locate in - or - near residential areas.
The town started looking into the situation after learning Bridgewater was being considered as one of a number of potential location for an adult entertainment club.

New Regional Chief Crown Attorney Appointed

There will be a new chief Crown Prosecutor serving our region at the end of January.
Ingrid Brodie will take over from Craig Harding who is retiring.
Brodie is a life long resident of the Annapolis Valley and has been involved in a number of projects including the Safer Communities and Neighborhoods Act as well as input into the creation and operation of the Sex Offender Registry.
She'll be responsible for regional offices along the South Shore - the southwestern region - and - the Annapolis Valley.

Nasty Weather Coming Our Way

It may be just a month until Christmas Eve -- but -- our spring like weather is continuing with a twist of dampness today.
A rainfall warning has been issued for our area with rain at times heavy tonight into tomorrow morning -- a total of up to60-mm's of rain is expected before the system passes tomorrow.
The rain will be combined with fog and a strong wind making for tricky driving conditions later today and tonight.

Crib Recall

(CP) It's the biggest baby-crib recall in Canadian and U-S history.
Nearly a million drop-side cribs are being recalled in this country and 1.2-million stateside, following reports that four babies have died and dozens have been injured.
The drop-side cribs are made by Stork Craft Manufacturing of B-C, and feature a side that moves up and down to allow parents to lift kids from the cribs more easily.
There's been no comment yet from Health Canada.
But the U-S Consumer Product Safety Commission says the main problem is that the drop-side can become detached, leaving a space where a baby can become trapped and suffocate.
The cribs were made between 1993 and last month.
A free repair kit is available from Stork Craft that will convert the dropside to a fixed side - the toll free number is 1-877-274-0277.