Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bridgewater Councillor To Re-Offer In October

A Bridgewater town councillor is sticking to what he knows best. Bill McInnis has decided to run for councillor again in October, despite contemplating the mayor's seat. He says he recently came to the decision.

McInnis says being a town councillor is a challenge with many responsibilities but its something he enjoys. He says he wants to be part of new initiatives like shared services with the town of Mahone Bay and Municipality of Lunenburg. David Mitchell and current mayor Carroll Publicover are the only two members of Bridgewater council who won't run in October. Mitchell will run in the next provincial election while Publicover is stepping down as mayor.

BREAKING: Future Of Bowater Uncertain

Premier Darrell Dexter is suggesting there will be a development concerning the future of the Bowater Mersey pulp and paper mill in Queens County. Dexter wouldn't reveal details today when asked if a closure was coming, but says the management of Resolute Forest Products should be making a statement soon. CKBW/HANK FM is working to contact officials from Resolute Forest Products. Dexter was the quarterback of a $50 million bail-out package in December aimed at saving the troubled mill in Brooklyn, Queens County. Dexter says none of the money advanced to Resolute Forest Products from the province has been spent. The mill hasn't been on stable ground since the bailout package was announced and has been forced to call for several temporary closures. The mill in Brooklyn shut down last month and is due for another temporary closure on June 17th, marking the third and fourth time the mill has called for down time since December. We'll have more on this developing story as information becomes available.

Scam Targets Businesses

A scam that has been around for awhile is now back and haunting businesses on the South Shore and elsewhere in the province. A company, believed to be operating out of Switzerland, is seeking payment for ad-space in the Yellow Pages that businesses here haven't even requested.

The invoice looks very legitimate. It features the name Yellow Page-Nova, for example, and includes a logo of a telephone receiver. Businesses are misled by the name and logo and think they are dealing with the legitimate organization that distributes local telephone books and Yellow Pages directories. The invoice states that the company owes a debt for an ad that they never agreed to in the first place or may have been tricked into signing up for last year.

Jill Atkinson is the Director of Communications for the Better Business Bureau..

The BBB suggests the following tips:
1. Read the fine print of any solicitation you receive so that you understand what you are agreeing to.
2. Take the time to check with the company to verify that they actually sent the invoice especially if it is delivered by a different method. i.e Fax vrs mail or email.
3. Always review invoices and bills before paying and confirm that you or someone in your company has agreed to the purchase.

If you have received one of these invoices, you can report it to the following:
Better Business Bureau –
The Competition Bureau 1-800-348-5358
Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 1-888-495-8501
Your local police of RCMP division

Illegal Stun Guns Case Begins Today

A trial involving a Shelburne County man accused of smuggling stun guns through the mail gets underway today in Halifax. Twenty-three year old Scott Wade Nickerson is facing a slew of charges including five under the customers act. Some of the charges involve smuggling, possessing a prohibited weapon, and importation. Three packages were flagged at a sorting facility in Vancouver last year - each destined to a home near Shelburne. That's when the Canada Border Services Agency seized 32 illegal stun guns and 10 cans of pepper spray. Nickerson was arrested in May after police searched a home and a vehicle.