Monday, March 8, 2010

Police Car Purchase

Bridgewater Town Council has given pre-budget approval for the police department to buy back the vehicle used by the South Shore Street Crime Enforcement Unit. Mayor Carroll Publicover says the lease expires April 1st, and it's a cost saver for the Town. He says although the Chev Impala is a 2007, it doesn't get severe use and has been fairly well treated. He says the mileage is not extreme and the Town can purchase out the lease and still get a good number of years of use out of the vehicle.The matter was brought to Council for early approval of the capital budget in the amount of 11 thousand, 245 dollars and 50 cents plus taxes.

Performing Arts Venue in Bridgewater

A business relationship has been reached between a newly established Performing Arts group in Bridgewater with Empire Theatres Studio 7. The Performing Arts group was formed to help create a venue for live performances in the Town. Empire Theatre will provide use of one of its studios for live performances as scheduling permits. Mayor Carroll Publicover says a venue for live performances has been needed in Bridgewater for a long time . The Performing Arts Group hopes to hold at least one event each month, with the exception of May and November. The first event has already been booked for April 28th at 7p.m. Air Traffic Control will launch their newest CD.."Can't Kill Love."
The Performing Arts Group is asking for people wishing to become a volunteer with the performing arts group to contact Ida Scott, Manager, Bridgewater Development Association by phone 902-527-6278,or by email at

Interpretive Panel Project

Sperry Design Inc. has been awarded the proposal for the Town's Riverfront Renaissance Interpretive Panel Project at a cost of almost 4 thousand dollars per panel. Council endorsed the proposal even though it was not the lowest price submitted . Councillor David Mitchell voted against the proposal saying the cost issue should be looked at as well as the scoring criteria. Six companies responded to the call for proposals with prices ranging from 17 to 58 thousand dollars for the design, production and installation of up to 14 interpretive panels.
The approved budget by Town Council for the project with the inclusion of a separate mural is 90 thousand dollars.

Bread and Roses Bursary

Women studying sciences, trades and technology at Nova Scotia Community College can apply for a bursary that aims to advance the economic quality of women. The Advisory Council on the Status of Women established the Bread and Roses Bursary in 2009 to encourage more women to enter higher-paying work and to mark International Women's Day. Denise Peterson-Rafuse, Minister responsible for the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, says the bursary is an investment in a better future for families. The 20 thousand dollar fund, which will provide two $3,500 awards and 13 $1,000 awards for students entering or continuing studies in trades, technology and science-related programs at NSCC's campuses. Women can use the money to pay for child care, transportation, tuition, school supplies and other necessities.