Thursday, September 20, 2012

Business Owner Runs For Bridgewater Council

The owner of M and M Meat Shops in the Eastside Plaza is making a run at town politics. Michael Graves is vying for one of the six council seats in Bridgewater. He is running for the first time. Graves says he wants to make sure the town remains financially on track.

Graves believes his hard-working attitude, organizing-skills and resources could be an asset on council. Eleven other candidates in Bridgewater will vie for a seat next month.

Hockey Lover Wants Fans To Oppose Lockout

A former Liverpool resident is asking fans to show their true feelings towards the state of the NHL lockout. David Sampson has started a facebook group called "Let's Take Away the NHL Pie" to encourage fans to rally together and send a message to the league and its players. Sampson is proposing people gather October 27 in Windsor to have a bonfire and burn their NHL memorabilia like hats and jerseys.  He says the owners and players have forgotten about the fans.

Sampson says holding an event in Windsor makes the most sense because it's considered the birthplace of hockey. He believes fans should also make a pledge not to buy any league apparel for the next five years.

Bridgewater Mayor Receives Diamond Jubilee Medal

The mayor of Bridgewater has been awarded a Queens Diamond Jubilee medal. Carroll Publicover received the award during the UNSM's fall conference Wednesday in Halifax. Publicover says the award means a lot to him.

Publicover has served as mayor since 2004 and will finish out his third term before municipal elections next month. Municipality of Lunenburg councillor Lee Nauss also received a medal during Wednesday's ceremony.

Students To Play Municipal Councillor At MODL

Students from grade 9 to 12 will take part in a municipal council meeting next week. Councillors from the Municipality of Lunenburg will host the students to promote local government during Municipal Awareness Week. Each councillor will be paired with a student to show them the ropes. The students will be able to sit at the council table and see how the decision process works during a council meeting on Tuesday. Municipal Awareness Week is a public awareness campaign which runs from September 24-30th.  It's also designed to try and boost voter turn out for the upcoming election.

Park View Holding Isolation Drill

Students at Park View Education Centre will be involved in an isolation drill this morning. The school will be locked down as part of the drill. Emergency crews may be on scene as part of the drill.

Overnight: Big Drop At The Pumps

Nova Scotia's regulator invoked the interrupter clause to reduce the price of gasoline in the province by six cents. The scarcely-used mechanism is employed when the daily market price for refined gas swings wildly between six to eight cents a litre before the province’s weekly gas price is set. Pump prices on the South Shore are now sitting at $1.373 cents a litre, down from $1.43 a litre on Wednesday. The pump prices, usually changed every Thursday at midnight.