Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bridgewater denies disabled man's request

Bonnie Meisner speaks at January 9 town council
It's one big financial headache for a Bridgewater family. Bonnie Meisner is hoping to access funds under a $50,000 provincial/federal grant that would help build a garden suite for her son Dylan Robar, who is suffering from muscular dystrophy. However, Meisner's house was built in 1979 and the town's bylaw prohibits property owners from adding to their homes if they were built after 1975.
"It needs to state a secondary garden suite, so the difference is the word 'unit' or 'suite'.It has to state 'suite' to get the grant, that's the issue."
Meisner was hoping council would waive an $800 rezoning fee but the town turned down the request earlier this month. She now has to apply to either have her property rezoned at her own cost or have the province revise some of the wording in the grant.

Trailer Theft in Wileville

A business in Wileville is on the lookout for its missing trailer. Lunenburg County RCMP are currently investigating the theft of a U-Haul Tow Dolly from Brown's Self Storage. The incident occurred sometime between last Friday evening and Sunday. Anyone with details should contact RCMP.

Mood: Fishermen Won't Tie Up Boats

It's doesn't appear lobster fishermen in Shelburne, Yarmouth and Digby will tie up their boats this week in protest over the price of their catch. Head of the Professional Lobster Fishermen's Association, James Mood, says its business as usual in LFA's 33 and 34. However, he says fishermen are still holding their catch unless they get $5.50 a pound. "They have to be accountable and take their industry back in a fair way...and I mean not in an unfair way where they are asking for $10.00 a pound. But a $5.50 price is a fair price for this lobster and let's face it...to pay the fishermen," Mood says the newly formed fishermen's association has made positive gains in its quest to drive up the price of lobster. The price has jumped from $3.50 to around $4.75 per pound since early January.