Thursday, April 24, 2014

Extensive Repairs Completed At Lunenburg Academy

The roof and chimney at Lunenburg Academy are now repaired, but not without more funding from the federal government. The town of Lunenburg was given almost $31,775 last summer for the work. However, significant roof rot and more repairs to the chimney were identified. Ottawa has since provided an additional $33,048 in infrastructure funding to complete the work. Mayor Rachel Bailey says she was happy to see the feds step up.

The Castle on the Hill has been a mainstay in Lunenburg since it opened its doors in 1895. It served as a school for 117 years until 2012. The town is looking to re-purpose the building for future use by community members and businesses.

Nova Scotia Looks For More US Visitors

Nova Scotia is looking to an old friend in hopes of boosting tourism. The province launched a ambitious marketing campaign in the Boston area to attract more first time US visitors. The tourism agency is leading the efforts which will focus on TV, newspaper and online ads. CEO Patrick Sullivan says the return of the Yarmouth ferry may also give tourism a boost this summer.

Sullivan says as part of the campaign they have bought room for signage behind home plate at Fenway Park for 10 games beginning April 29. However, he says the ads will really heat up in May.

Lunenburg: Music Academy Close To Accepting First Class

Over 140 musicians from 27 countries have applied to be a part of the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance. The group announced they will accept 14 of them for their Rossini Opera Academy, which opens up in October. Maestro Alberto Zedda will conduct the intense two-week course in Lunenburg. Artistic Director Burt Wathen says a pair of Canadians will be included in the class.

Wathen says the 14 students will be notified in early May about their acceptance into the program. The Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance has also planned a number of outreach concerts in the community between October and December. Wathen says the group has come a long way and are close to realizing a dream.

NS Liberal Government Accused Of Building Two Slush Funds

The McNeil government is taking heat over writing-off debts or giving loans to big companies with Liberal connections. That's something when in opposition, the Liberals criticized the Dexter government about over and over again. Current PC Opposition Leader Jamie Baillie went drilling for answers from Premier Stephen McNeil during question period in the Legislature. He wanted to know why the government is carrying on with big, forgiveable loans.

Premier Stephen McNeil took Baillie up on the challenge.

Baillie alledges the Liberals are padding a couple of slush funds for political rainy days with money supplied by companies loyal to the party. McNeil wrote off Baillie's comments as nonsense!

Governments Accused Of Making Fortune Off High Gas Prices

Gas prices at South Shore pumps are expected to take another jump overnight tonight by at least a couple of cents a litre. Canadian Taxpayers Federation Atlantic director Kevin Lacey says last fall's pre-election political rhetoric about forcing prices down has lost its lustre. He says governments are slow to react now because they're making a fortune in taxes.

Prices are expected to increase tonight at South Shore pumps by at least two cents a litre for regular self serve. That'll push the price past $1.46, the highest in a couple of years. Diesel is also expected to rise by a penny or so tonight.

Gas Prices Rise To Record Levels

A dubious record has been set this morning at South Shore gas pumps!
Prices are blowing already set records out the door. Regular self serve is up about 2.5 cents to $1.46.2 per litre, busting a record of almost a cent less in April 2012. Meanwhile, Canadian Taxpayers Federation Atlantic director Kevin Lacey tells us last fall's pre-election political rhetoric about forcing prices down has lost its lustre. He says governments are slow to react now because ... they're making a fortune in taxes.

Gas prices are about 20 cents more a litre than they were a year ago and diesel is almost 40 cents higher.