Friday, October 26, 2012

UaRB Approves South Shore Bus Service Takeover

The proposed new operator for a bus service travelling from Yarmouth to Halifax calls it a step in the right direction. The province's Utility and Review Board has given their nod of approval to Bernie's Shuttle Service to take over the run from Trius Tours. Trius was looking to abandon their service as a result of Acadian Lines decision to halt their operations as of the end of November. Now, owner Bernie Melanson says the real work goes into getting an application ready for the UaRB to approve a 21-passenger vehicle to replace Trius. Melanson says he's working hard to get things finalized, but it takes time.

Trius has agreed to keep operating the route until December 31. Melanson says he's heard some concern from the public regarding cost and service. However, he anticipates things will remain status quo with the take over. Melanson hopes to get UaRB approval and take over the service before that date.

VIDEO: SMART Program Launched In Bridgewater

A program expected to benefit companies and residents was announced this morning in Bridgewater. The Nova Scotia government is investing $3.5-million into the START program. The program is expected to connect residents looking for work, with employers willing to give them the jobs, experience and training they need. Labour Minister Marilyn More says eligibility for the program includes being unemployed, a Nova Scotia resident and able to work in Canada. She says the flexibility should be a benefit for employers and workers.

More says employers will be offered financial incentives to ease the cost of hiring a new employee, as well as training and wages. For more information about the program and how to apply, visit . Below, Minister More talks about the program in detail.

Bambi Beware! Here Come The Hunters In Force!

South Shore hunters are all fired up and ready as many head out to their favourite hunting spots. The province's deer hunting season kicks off today and runs until December 8th. The Natural Resources Department says hunters with a valid licence and deer stamp can take one deer of either gender in zones 102, 105 and 107. Officials say a limited number of antler-less deer can be taken in the remaining mainland zones. Hunters are also required to submit reports that include an estimate of the deer population in their area to assist the department with its deer management.

Another South Shore Gas Pump Surprise!

The price of regular gasoline at South Shore pumps has dropped 9 cents in two days. Today, regular self serve is down in price again, selling for $1.20.9. Thats almost 5.5 cents less than yesterday after Wednesday night's cut by the URB when the price also dropped then by about 5 cents. A nice surprise for trucks or cars with diesel engines. Diesel gas is also down in price after being on the rise for several weeks.
Diesel is selling today for $1.34.6 a litre. Thats almost 5.5 cents less than yesterday.