Sunday, August 12, 2012

MODL Mayor Reappointed To FCM Standing Committee

The mayor of the Municipality of Lunenburg says he feels honoured to be recognized by his peers. Don Downe was selected to serve his third term as standing committee chair with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. He will chair the standing committee on Municipal Finance and Intergovernmental Arrangements. Downe says its a chance to learn more at the national level and bring information back to council.

The committee partners with the federal and provincial governments to secure new revenue sources that support increased demands on municipal infrastructure and services.

Rental Units Planned For Liverpool Waterfront


The Liverpool waterfront will soon be home to some new rental housing by this time next year. The development is know as "Rovers Quay" and will consist of 18 rental units in total to be constructed at Shipyards Point. Local developers Barry Tomalin and Steward Horton are leading the project. The units will target both current Queens County residents and those who choose to live in Liverpool for lifestyle reasons. A live webcam will be up and running when work begins on the project. Construction is expected to begin this summer with the first units available for rent early in 2013. For more info check out