Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Nova Scotia's bounty on coyotes gets underway this weekend.

Starting Friday the province will offer trappers twenty dollars a pelt in a province-wide effort to cull aggressive animals from the regional population.

However, one biologist and conservationist says these measures won't work.

Dr. Bill Freedman, a professor at Dalhousie University tells says the plan is merely a political ploy.

"A bounty, in my view, is mostly a political action that's undertaken my management agencies in order to be seen to be doing something about a problem. And in this case coyotes that some people feel threatened by," says Freedman.

Freedman says coyotes will mate more rapidly when their population is threatened.

He says, there should instead be a targeted effort to kill the problem animals in the pack.


Bridgewater Police are investigating the death of a man who was found in his South End apartment this morning.

Around six this morning, Bridgewater Police received a 911 call regarding a possible sudden death.

Upon arrival, a 28 year old man was found dead in the apartment.

Police say the cause of death is unknown.

An autopsy will be performed and the matter is under investigation.


An East Chester man lost his motorcycle and earned a day in court after failing to pull over for police.

Bridgewater Police says they attempted to apprehend a man after he popped a wheelie with his bike near the Veteran's Memorial Bridge.

He failed to pull over but was eventually arrested after failing to negotiate a turn after entering the former Kirk's Tree Yard just off LaHave Street.

Deputy Chief John Collyer with the Bridgewater Police force says the motorist must have failed to get the message about plans for increased patrols.

"It's kind of uprising to see an individual doing this of activity on a weekend when we had announced in advance that we would be out in force looking for this kind of activity, " says Collyer.

The accused will appear in Bridgewater Provincial Court next month to face numerous charges.