Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weight Restrictions Next Week

Winter's not officially over but come Monday Spring weight restrictions for heavy trucks go into effect across the province. Milder temperatures mean provincial roads are more susceptible to damage from heavy trucks. The restrictions are usually removed in late April or early May. The weight restrictions will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. March 1st.

New Baptist Church Proposed

Almost three years ago Bridgewater Town Council approved a Development Agreement for a seniors assisted living facility and the future construction of a new Baptist Church. An application is now before Town Council to amend the agreement to permit for its construction . The proposal calls for a 28 thousand square foot church with a 500 seat sanctuary and stage area, 10 classrooms, 5 plus offices along with kitchen facilities and a 6 thousand square foot gymnasium. The church along with the Drumlin Hills housing facility would complete the proposed campus on Glen Allan Drive. Construction of a new Baptist Church could start as early as this construction season, however, the timeline will be largely dependent on continuing fundraising efforts.
A public participation meeting has been scheduled for March 17th in council chambers.

Geriatric Clinic for FMH

Beginning next month South Shore Health will provide a geriatric clinic at Fishermen's Memorial Hospital. C-E-O Alice Leverman says the clinic is a partnership between the QE-2 in Halifax and South Shore'Health's seniors team focusing on providieng support and intervention to seniors who really have the most complex health issues.Leverman says the idea is to provide as much assessment, early identification and intervention of strategies that will allow seniors to be maintained at home in their own commuity as effectively as possible.

Shelburne Arena Improvements

The Shelburne Arena is getting more than 37 thousand dollars in federal funding under the Recreational Infrastructure program. Improvements to the arena include upgrades to the electrical system, new floor rubber, structural repairs, a new dehumidifier and enhancements to the compressor. South Shore/St. Margaret's MP Gerald Keddy made the announcement yesterday afternoon following similar funding announcements earlier in the day for the Liverpool Curling Club and Greenfield Recreation Centre.

Recreation Cash for Queens County

Two Queen’s County recreational facilities will receive significant upgrades, as a result of federal funding. South Shore/St. Margaret's MP Gerald Keddy announced a combined investment of 20 thousand 78 dollars in support of the Liverpool Curling Club and the Greenfield Recreation Centre. The Liverpool Curling Club has received $9,800 to complete a series of repairs and upgrades including the installation of a new main door replacement of 150 feet of window sills; the installation of new insulation and vinyl siding and the purchase of new heaters for the ice shed. Improvements to the Greenfield Rec Centre include repairs to its roof, corner boards, gymnasium floor and siding; the installation of a new security system and an overhaul of the Centre’s softball field.
Federal funding for both projects is provided through the Recreational Infrastructure program,

Arrests made in cross burning incident

Two men have been arrested in the cross burning incident in Hants County. 20-year-old Nathan Neil Rehburg, and 19-year-old Justin Chad Rehburg are charged with Public Incitement of Hatred, Mischief- Enjoyment of Property and Uttering Threats.They were expected to appear in court this morning.