Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BREAKING: Keji Park Hit With Job Cuts

Eleven jobs will be affected at Kejimkujik National Park as part of cuts within Parks Canada. The cuts are part of deficit reduction obligations announced in the federal budget. Lynda Frank is a spokesperson for Parks Canada here in Nova Scotia.

"It will be a combination of a reduction, voluntary retirements and seasonal adjustments. And our level of service during the shoulder seasons will be reduced, and again to align with our visitations levels in the spring and fall when fewer people are visiting the park."

Along with the affected jobs, visitor facilities will be closed during the winter months. But the park will continue to have full access during the summer. Meanwhile, there will also be two positions affected at Fort Anne National Historic site in Annapolis Royal for the same reasons.

SSRSB Hires Deloitte Inc. To Develop Assessments

A familiar name will help the local school board in its school review process. Deloitte Inc., the consulting group that completed an audit which led to the previous board being fired, has been hired to help develop impact assessment reports for the 10 schools up for review. Board member Judith Sullivan-Corney says they hired the consulting firm to help make sure it was a smooth process.
"We heard from focus groups that the study committees needed to have some help and that there was a distrust about the information that had come from the school board, so, therefore what I was trying to do was to open up the process so the school advisory committees received their impact assessment information as early as possible."
The group was selected out of two applicants through a call for proposals on the provincial government website. Deloitte is in the early stages of meeting with respective principals as well as the chair of each advisory committee. Deloitte is considered one of Canada's leading professional services firms that provides audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services. The group will wrap up its analysis and make its recommendations to the new school board next February.

Home Building Centre Wins Top Prize

A local hardware store in Bridgewater has been given national recognition. Buck's Home Building Centre is one of twenty stores across Canada to win the company's "Proud Of My Home Award". The award looks at over a thousand Home Hardware stores and gives the prize to those with the high standards in retailing, performance and other areas. Store owners Janice and Brian Buck were awarded at a ceremony in St. Jacobs, Ontario. Brian says they're very proud of the staff they have.

"We keep keep hiring staff with the right attitude, that enjoy working with consumers, and then having a training program in place that we can continue to ensure that they're gaining knowledge on product and emphasize customer service"

The Bucks have owned the store and it's thirty four employees for over 11 years. This is the second time they've won the award.

Tense Moments In Shag Harbour

Lobster fishermen in Shelburne County who continue to catch -- despite a strike -- were met with hostility in Shag Harbour today. A group of striking lobster fishermen were at the wharf trying to stop their colleagues from going out on the water for a second day. At least four boats were out in the water early yesterday morning. Last week the Professional Lobster Fishermen's Association called for a strike to force buyers to pay at least $5.50 a pound for their catch. They say a price less than that would make it difficult for them to make a profit. However some fisherman are content with getting $5 a pound. This morning dozens of fishermen who support the strike arrived at the Shelburne County wharf to argue for an expanded strike.

Former Tory MLA Not Seeking Nomination Bid

Carolyn Bolivar-Getson

The Progressive Conservative party will have a new face campaigning in Lunenburg West during the next provincial election. Carolyn Bolivar-Getson has decided not to put her name into the nomination ring. She says her health isn't where it needs to be.
"I know that if I'm going to run for MLA that I need to be 150% and I don't feel that my health is 100% right now."
Bolivar-Getson suffered what she believes was a stroke last November and is still recovering. She says health is her number one priority.
"Toughest decision I think I've ever made because I really enjoy representing the people and I don't want to do something that I cannot commit what I need to commit to do."
Bolivar-Getson previously held the riding between 2003 and 2009. She was defeated by NDP member Gary Ramey in the last provincial election. Bridgewater councillor David Mitchell has announced his intention to seek the nomination.