Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coke, Pills & Cash Seized In Bridgewater Bust

Four people have been arrested after police raided a home earlier today in Bridgewater. Members of the Bridgewater Police Service arrested two men and two women after searching a home on Ron Street. Police say they seized prescription pills, cocaine, cash and a vehicle. All of the accused are expected to appear in court Friday morning. Police say they will release names and charges in the near future.

Human Error Behind Intake Phone Issues

There will be another patient intake for residents of the Bridgewater area in need of a family doctor. South Shore Health's Communications Director Theresa Hawkeswork says they have identified the glitch within the phone system which caused problems last night. Hawkesworth says human error on the phone company's end is to blame for the mishap.

Hawkesworth says another intake has been rescheduled for next Wednesday, November 13. A number of pretests will take place before the phone lines open at 5:30pm. The number to call has not changed it is 527-4814.

Lobster Panel Proposes Levy On Catches

A levy on lobster catches in the Maritimes is at the core of dozens of recommendations proposed by a three member panel examining the challenges in the industry. The panel was set up to look into low prices for lobsters. Last spring, lobsters sold for $3.00 per pound in some parts of the Maritimes. The panel is recommending a one cent per pound levy to be paid by fishermen in addition to a one cent per pound levy paid by buyers. The money would help fund a new lobster market intelligence institute and develop a comprehensive marketing campaign. Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell says government will play a big role in implementing the recommendations. The lobster panel also recommends options for a formal system where the industry would know the price paid harvesters before landings. Lobster in Atlantic Canada is a billion dollar industry with 90% of Canadian lobster landed in the Maritimes.

Approval Given For Rock Quarry Near East Chester

The provincial environment department has given the go-ahead for a rock quarry near East Chester. To be operated by Northern Construction, the quarry will supply materials needed for upcoming work on Highway 103. The approval contains terms and conditions adressing dust, noise, protecting water resources and returning the site to its original condition when the quarry closes. The environment department will monitor the operation.

Bridgewater: Health Officials Working To Solve Phone Issues

Health officials in the Bridgewater area are working to find the cause of a technical glitch that caused headaches for some people trying to secure a family doctor. A patient intake was planned to take place over the phone last night for Dr. Sheila Dwyer and nurse practitioner Cheryl Soroka. However, something went wrong and callers were unable to get through. Director of Communications Theresa Hawkesworth says they are trying to figure out what happened.

Hawkesworth says they will announced another patient intake in the near future. There were 150 spaces available for Bridgewater area residents looking for a family doctor.

South Shore Real Estate Market In Slump

There's no mistaking all those "For-Sale" signs on the front lawns of many South Shore properties. There is an abundance of listed properties and nothing seems to be selling. According to the President of the Nova Scotia Association of Realtors, Gary Mailman of Bridgewater, the closure of Bowater and job losses are contributing factors.

Mailman tells us its a buyers' market right now.

Mailman says South Shore real estate prices are also down about five percent from last year. He believes though the market will pick up again if the Yarmouth ferry service is restored, the economy improves and more jobs are created.