Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fraser moves in pictures

Thanks to Karen Thorburne Holland. More pictures available here:


And as she was turning downriver in Dayspring:

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Fraser Moving Day

After a dozen years in the same spot, it kind of becomes part of the landscape. This morning, two tugs will pull up and get ready to start hauling the retired Naval Destroyer Fraser down the coast to Halifax. Lt. (Navy) Al Blondin tells CKBW it will be a daylong job leaving around 8am and arriving in Halifax at about 8pm. This will happen after a ceremony this morning officially transferring ownership of the vessel back to the Canadian Government. Rick Welsford of the Artificial Reef society says he'll be close by for that part of the process. The future of the vessel still hasn't been settled officially with previous discussions suggesting it will become a museum or sunk to create an underwater diving attraction.

Queens Place Pool

Queens Place is coming, but with changes.. Mayor John Leefe says Council made a decision to move forward to the design development phase of the recreation complex including all original components except for the aquatics centre. Leefe says Council had to make a decision on moving forward with Queens Place so they decided to remove the swimming pool from the construction plan. Leefe says Queens Place will be sited and designed so a pool could be constructed at a later date.