Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Queens Supporting Blue Wave Seafoods Workers

The mayor of the Region of Queens says they're looking out for workers with Blue Wave Seafoods. The Port Mouton fish processor and exporter is bankrupt after a proposed deal fell through with a Halifax company. Up to 70 jobs have been lost. Christopher Clarke says they want to lend a hand and help.

Clarke says it's tough news for the region. However, he hopes former employees can get further training and transition into other jobs. The Nova Scotia government offered the company a controversial $500,000 loan last August right before the provincial election. However, the economic development department is claiming that money back as a secure creditor.

EMO's Suggestions In Case Power Goes Out

Nova Scotia's Emergency Management Office is offering up a few tips for home owners in preparation for the storm on Wednesday. Chad Lucas of EMO says above all, have an emergency kit at home in case the power goes out.

Lucas suggests there should be enough of those supplies on hand for at least 72 hours.

Bridgewater Snow Removal Budget Way Over As Another Storm Looms

Word of yet another major snowstorm, this one projected to be larger than the other 9 since late November, is causing some concern at Bridgewater Town Hall. The snow removal budget is already over by $150,000. and the cleanup from tomorrow's storm could push that figure closer to $200,000. The town's Director of Finance, Dawn Keizer, says however there appears to be a way around the deficit.

Town council will begin dealing with budget estimates for the coming year in a few weeks.

Bridgewater: Cab Company Crying Foul Over Road Conditions

A Bridgewater business owner is not happy with the current condition of the town's roads. Darrell Watson is co-owner of Reliable Cab, which operates seven vehicles and provides transportation to residents in the local area. He says maintenance bills have spiked because of the amount of potholes. Watson feels the town should bear responsibility.

Watson says he has close to $7,000 worth of maintenance bills for January and February. The town will involve their insurer to have a look at Watson's claim.

South Shore Sweeps High School Curling Championships

A clean sweep for South Shore curling teams at the NSSAF provincial high school curling championships. It was a second straight title for Bridgewater High in the boy's division. Trevor Crouse, Ben Conrad, Morgan Bishop and Kyle Barrie won six straight games after dropping their opener to win back-to-back titles. Park View's Brooke Demone, Cicely Smith, Megan Bustin and Jenna Mosher had a come from behind victory over Halifax West in the girl's division final. Also, Park View's Mary Fay, Spencer Demone, Ashley Francis and Jacob Rowsell went undefeated to win the mixed division. The event was held at the Lakeshore Curling club in Lower Sackville.

Police Dump 31 Charges On Lunenburg County Man

A Lunenburg County man is facing 31 charges after police raided a home in Conquerall Bank.  Twenty-seven year old Sean Andrew Ivany has been in custody since he was arrested Friday in a home on Cove Road. Police found some heavy pain killers, $5,000 cash and several loaded firearms - including a sawed off shotgun and three handguns. RCMP Sergeant Derek Smith says they also recovered a cocaine press. He called that a significant find in the region.

A cocaine press is used to cut coke with other substances to make more dollars off a dealers product. Meanwhile,  Bridgewater Police Cheif John Collyer says taking the pills off the street will put a dent into the drug trafficking trade in the area.

 Ivany will appear before a judge in the near future. More charges could be laid.

A Record Snowfall May Not Be Out Of The Question: Environment Canada

Its literally the calm before the storm as we go through a very pleasant day today with sunshine and no wind. That however is ahead of a big snowfall and wind storm tomorrow and Environment Canada has issued blizzard and storm surge warnings. Forecasters are predicting it will slowly begin overnight tonight and by mid-morning tomorrow it will be going full force. Meteorologist Denis Thibodeau says 50 cm is quite possible along the South Shore through the day tomorrow and the wind will be very intense.

Thibodeau says a storm of this magnitude this late in March could be a record breaker. Temperatures will slowly be rising after tomorrow into double digits by Saturday.

Water Being Pumped Out Of Cape Rouge

Water will start being pumped out of the Cape Rouge Tuesday morning. It's the latest development dealing with the old fishing trawler that sank to the bottom of the LaHave River in Bridgewater earlier this month. Preparations began this weekend as divers went underwater to install hoses. They will begin pumping water out of the ship about two hours before low tide. Senior Response Officer with the Canadian Coast Guard, Keith Laidlaw, says the incoming snow storm is a concern for them.

Once water is pumped out of the vessel, it will be secured to the wharf. An investigation will then be done to determine the cause of the sinking.