Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Queens Council Nixes ATV Use On Trestle Trail Bridge

The president of the Queens County ATV Association says they may have to bypass Liverpool in their travels. The Region of Queens Municipality recently voted to stay the course and not allow any ATV use along the Trestle Trail Bridge and the former rail line leading to Bog Road. Brian Hatt says the decision leaves no direct access into Liverpool for ATV riders. He says the group was hoping to provide some economic spin-offs.

Hatt says the group is considering their options, including crossing the Mersey River north from Brooklyn and linking up with their existing trail in Summerville to keep riding down to Yarmouth.

South Shore Keeps Terry Fox's Dream Alive

It's time to celebrate one of the most inspiring figures in Canadian history. Terry Fox Run's are slated to take place this weekend throughout the South Shore. In 1980, with one leg having been amputated, he embarked on a cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Fox, was forced to end his quest near Thunder Bay after 143 days and more than 5,370 kilometres. However, his efforts resulted in a lasting, worldwide legacy. Here's Fox being interviewed as he announced his run was over.

Terry Fox Run's are set to take place on Sunday from Hubbards to Woods Harbour. A complete list of events are listed below

Bridgewater - Event begins at 9:30AM at NSCC Lunenburg Campus

Liverpool - Event begins at 1:00PM at Queens Place Emera Centre

Municipality of Shelburne - Event begins at 1:00PM at Shelburne Regional High School Track

Barrington - Event begins at 12:00PM at Royal Canadian Legion

Chester - Event begins at 1:00PM at Royal Canadian Legion

West Green Harbour - Event begins at 10:00AM at West Green Harbour Recreation Hall

Woods Harbour - Event begins at 1:00PM at the Upper Woods Harbour Ball Field

Lunenburg - Event begins at 1:00PM at the Lunenburg Community Centre

Hubbards - Event begins at 1:00PM at the Shore Club

Caledonia - Event begins at 1:00PM at Kejimkujik Administration Centre

Weather: "Gabrielle" Could Bring Heavy Rain

A tropical storm making it's way up the coast could bring heavy rain and gusting wind to parts of the South Shore. Environment Canada is monitoring the path of "Gabrielle"  as it picks up momentum in the Atlantic. The weather agency says the radar indicates the storms remnants will push toward Eastern Nova Scotia, PEI or Newfoundland on Friday. Depending on the storms route it could miss the South Shore entirely. Environement Canada expects to have a better idea later today on wind speeds and rainfall amounts.

South Shore Health Welcoming New Family Doctor

A new family doctor is coming to Bridgewater. South Shore Health says Dr. Sheila Dwyer will start a new practice and will begin taking patients as early as next week. Dr. Dwyer graduated from Dalhousie University's Medical program in 2011 and completed her family medicine residency training in June 2013. She's expected to take 150 new patients when she begins taking phone calls September 18. South Shore Health expects the new doctor will accept a minimum of 1,000 patients over time. Dr. Dwyer will join the team in the new Bridgewater and Area Family Health Centre when it opens later this fall. People who do not currently have a Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner or who are travelling outside the District for care are eligible. People who wish to be considered as a patient are asked to call 527-4814 beginning at 6:30 pm September 18. People should have your MSI number, date-of-birth, and a valid current telephone number when you call. Callers may only register immediate family members from the same household. After the first 150 patients are accepted, the telephone line will close. After these patients are processed and seen by the doctor for an initial intake appointment, the phone line will re-open and additional patients will be accepted. South Shore Health says accepting only 150 patients at a time will avoid the creation of a large list of patients that takes many months to process, and hopefully reduce the frustration of patients waiting for an appointment.