Thursday, January 12, 2012

RCMP: Snow Covered Highways

RCMP are warning motorists to slow down and use caution as weather gets worse this evening. Up to 10cm of snow, mixed with ice pellets and rain is in store for the South Shore. Meanwhile, the Hebbs Cross Fire Department responded to a call just after 4 o'clock this afternoon for a single vehicle rollover just before exit 14 on the way to Liverpool. Former Deputy Chief Gary Oakes was on scene and tells us two people, the driver and passenger managed to escape with only minor injuries after their RAV 4 flipped into a ditch. They were taken to South Shore Regional Hospital as a precaution to get checked out. We're seeing some snow, mixed with ice pellets....rain is in store for later Thursday night. To prevent incidents from occurring RCMP are reminding road users of the following:

• Call 511 to listen for advisories or road condition updates;

• Please avoid any unnecessary travel;

• Ensure an emergency kit is prepared and in your vehicle;

• Ensure cell phones are charged and ready for use in the event of an emergency;

• Adjust your driving according to the conditions;

• Allow extra time to arrive at your destination;

• Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and those in front of you; and

• Ensure other motorists can see you. Turn on your headlights.

Councillors in Chester mull over moving to Mayoral system

The Municipality of Chester will stick with a warden style council system for now. During their regular meeting this morning, Council discussed the idea of potentially moving to a mayoral system in advance of municipal elections in October. However, members decided to stick with the status quo and re-visit the issue following the upcoming elections. District 1 councillor Marshal Hector says a decision to move to a mayoral system at their meeting this morning would have been rushed. "Where we only have the three weeks from today to confirm our decision makes it rushed. I don't think there is enough time for the general public to really stop and think about it and understand the difference between a wardens system and a mayoral system," District 3 councillor Brad Armstrong agreed. He says he's not opposed to introducing a mayoral system down the road if resident want to make the switch. "I don't want to make a quick snap decision - this council is functioning quite well and if it isn't broke....why fix it? But, there's no reason, I believe, that after the next election that if it becomes and issue or if the public states they want us to look at it then I think we should look at it," Wardens are chosen by their peers, needing a majority vote via secret ballot, while mayors are elected by residents in a separate election. Council needed to make a decision today on the issue in order to meet an imposed mid-February deadline.

White Point sells stones for Liverpool Fire Department

The Liverpool Fire Department is benefiting from a unique fundraiser at White Point. 83 beach stones from the lodge's main fireplace have been sold to raise money for the volunteer department. The marketing and product development manager at White Point, Donna Hatt, came up with the idea and contacted the fire department. She says the fundraiser is a good way to honour firefighters who fought hard to battle the November blaze at the resort. Hatt says the minimum donation for each stone was $25 but after all 83 stones sold, they had raised $3,400. The money will be used to buy an accountability system for the fire department, which helps keep track of each firefighter's movements.

BREAKING: School Board Closing Schools Early

The South Shore Regional School Board isn't taking a chance with Thursday's weather. The board has decided to close down schools an hour-and-a-half earlier than normal. The forecast is expected to get messy early Thursday afternoon with snow, ice pellets, freezing temperatures and rain. The South Shore Waldorf School will be closing at 12pm while Centre scolaire de la Rive Sud will close at 1:30pm.

BREAKING: Municipal Electric Co-op has MOU with Unnamed Energy Suppliers

The Municipal Electric Co-op of Nova Scotia will unveil the details surrounding a new energy deal for its customers next week. The Town of Lunenburg, along with Mahone Bay, Antigonish, Riverport and Berwick are all members of the co-op which formed in 1999. Mahone Bay mayor Joe Feeney confirmed to CKBW/HANK FM News that its members have signed a memorandum of understanding to enter into a new venture with two separate power suppliers. "We're very very and I mean very close to finalizing all of the negotiations to have some green energy and some imported energy that will allow us to do an even better job of providing our utility users with a better price,"  Feeney says the parties have been meeting weekly for the past month and more details could be announced as early as next week. He says one of the companies involved in the deal is in business of generating wind power.

Silver Donald Takes Charge in Bridgewater

Silver Donald Cameron
Author and journalist Silver Donald Cameron will be in Bridgewater Thursday night carrying an energy-efficient message. Cameron is in the middle of his province-wide 'Take Charge' tour, which promotes saving money, creating jobs and helping the environment. He says the tour is helping people realize they can make a difference.
"It's kind of a win-win across he board, I mean, you win individually by saving money and that sort of thing and we also win as a community and we win as a planet because, of course, the less electricity we use in this province, the less coal we burn in our generating plants, the less emissions, the less global warming."
The 'Take Charge' tour started in Truro in late November and wraps up in Halifax February 6. Cameron says the discussion will give people a chance to have their energy questions answered. He will speak from 7-8pm Thursday night at the Bridgewater Fire Hall. Admission is free.

MODL exploring Wind Power options

The Municipality of Lunenburg is exploring the possibility of future wind turbines in the area. Council held a discussion with Keith Towse of Community Wind Farms Inc., outlining issues including where the power generators could be placed, the benefits and the cost. The group is currently looking at land on Mulloch Road in Whynot's Settlement, opposite the Recycling Plant. Towse says they are hoping to have a public meeting in February. He says the group is interested in setting up wind farms at two other sites; one in Lunenburg County and the other in Queens County. Council is expected to discuss the issue at a later date.