Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Building applications down in MODL

The Municipality of Lunenburg has received less applications to build this year compared to 2011. CAO Tammy Wilson says they have received 530 applications, compared to 535 at this point last year. February was a better month for the municipality, with 39 building applications this year to only 13 in 2011. She says its important because construction activity is an employment generator, but it also means their tax base is expanding and reduces the burden on the existing residential tax base. The 39 building applications received are 19 residential, 18 industrial and two demolition and are worth almost $1.9-million.

Bridgewater councillor recovering after heart surgery

Patrick Hirtle
Bridgewater council welcomed member Patrick Hirtle back this week after successfully undergoing heart surgery. The 29-year-old returned to council just two-and-a-half weeks after getting his aortic valve and most of his aortic root removed and replaced with Dacron tubing. Hirtle says its a frustrating situation for him to be in.
"The artificial valve they put in should last something on the order of 20-30 years before it needs to be replaced again, but of course, I have to go on blood thinners and as someone who is young and fairly active and plays a lot of softball, a lot of hockey, that sort of thing, I have to be extra careful not to, you know, make sure I suffer any significant cuts or anything like that because obviously the bleeding is going to be much more difficult to control now."
Hirtle says he's been advised to keep a low physical activity level including lots of rest and daily walks. He says he has lots of time right now to think about his future. Hirtle doesn't know if he'll have a very active lifestyle again.
"Am I ever going to get back to playing in a ball hockey tournament or on the ice at the rink or am I going to be able to play softball because at this stage, I really don't know what my physical limitations are going to be. This latest procedure was something completely new for me and I don't know what the long-term ramifications of having a synthetic valve in there are going to be."
He says there has been incredible support from family, friends and residents throughout the County. Hirtle expects to recover within six to eight weeks. The full interview with Patrick Hirtle can be heard on this weekend's South Shore Sunday Morning program from 8-9am on HANK-FM and 9-10am on CKBW.

St. Margarets Bay Residents Again Blast Province Over Connector Road Issue

Sean Kirby
The province jumped the gun and decided on a route for a planned road connecting highways 103 and 3 in St. Margarets Bay. That comment from area residents' spokesman Sean Kirby who says the transportation department paid no heed to the need to first undertake an environmental assessment on the route.
He says its another example of what he calls the government's strong-arm tactics in pushing ahead with the road. Kirby says: "At some point when an environmental assessment is completed, maybe this summer, we'll get a copy of it and have a chance to look at it. But right now, I think its further evidence of how inappropriately the government has been handling this issue."
St. Margarets Bay residents still haven't heard a decision yet by the supreme court on their attempt in January during a hearing to force the government to release uncensored documents pertaining to planning for the connector road.

More ER Shutdowns At "Fishermen's"

There's another South Shore hospital emergency room closure and at a location, familiar to this sort of thing! The ER at Fishermen's Memorial in Lunenburg is closed until 3:30 this afternoon.
Another shutdown is scheduled on Thursday night from 10:30 until 3:30 Friday afternoon. A hospital official says the closures result from a shortage of doctors.
Liberal health critic Leo Glavine says the NDP government was elected on a promise to improve ER service but that hasn't been happening.
He says: "Lunenburg County is one of six counties in the province that continues to keep its population, in fact growing some. I think we have to be cognizant of that and respond accordingly with good, strong emergency room service."
Glavine suggests the government set up a central data bank of emergency room doctors available province-wide and when a shortage develops in an ER, they can be sent there to cover-off a shift or two.

Car accident reportedly causes Power Outage

There was a huge power outage in Lunenburg County Tuesday night and for many people it seemed like it would never end. The power went out just before 6pm in places like Blockhouse, parts of Lunenburg, New Germany, Bakers Settlement and Calidonia. Nova Scotia Power says it was the result of a car accident, bringing down power lines in Barss Corner. Power wasn't restored until 2 o'clock Wednesday morning to the hundreds of NSP customers affected.

MODL awards landfill closure contract to Dartmouth group

A Dartmouth company has been awarded the contract for final landfill closure at the Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Center. The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg selected ABL Environmental for the design and engineering services of phase two and three at a cost of almost $194,000 including HST. The project had a budget of $200,000. Mayor Don Downe says it's nice to see it remained under budget. The Municipality received five submissions for the project, with every proposal coming from either Halifax or Dartmouth. During phases two and three of the Landfill Remediation project, permanent caps will be put over the landfill cells at the LRCRC to protect the environment.

Keddy announces funding for Osprey Arts Centre

The Osprey Arts Centre is adding film equipment to its operation. South Shore - St. Margaret's MP Gerald Keddy announced funding to the Shelburne Centre Tuesday to help it buy a cinema-quality multimedia projector and projection screen to offer film screenings for local audiences. The new film equipment will also be used by a variety of performers such as dance and theatre organizations, musical groups, and the Maritime Concert Opera. The Government of Canada provided funding of $10,690 through the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage. The Osprey Arts Centre also plans to use the new film equipment in workshops for youth and adults to help people develop an interest in film making.