Thursday, September 13, 2012

MODL Forwards Road Concern To The Province

A request to to have a Lunenburg County road surveyed will go through the province. The Municipality of Lunenburg received information from residents in Barss Corner and Margaretsville asking them to help improve conditions of the Oakhill Public Road from Walburne Road to West Whales Lake. The residents are worried about the lack of public access to the lake. Municipality of Lunenburg mayor Don Downe says their hands are tied.

Downe says the municipality will write a letter on behalf of the residents to the Department of Transportation to outline their concerns.

Chester Warden Receives Diamond Jubilee Medal

It's obvious members of council and staff in Chester can keep a secret. Long time warden Allen Webber was presented with a Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal in a surprise presentation during council this morning. Deputy Warden Floyd Shatford says Webber is a deserving recipient after committing over three decades of his life to Chester through his role as a councillor and warden.However, Shatford says they wanted it to be a surprise.

Webber says he is grateful and humbled by the recognition from his colleagues. The medal serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians and was created to recognize the Queens 60th anniversary of her accession to the Throne.

Chester: Armstrong Brings Hard Work Approach

The incumbent candidate in the village of Chester says he'll continue to bring a work boots and lunch pail approach to the council table. Brad Armstrong is a carpenter by trade and says he wants to continue working hard on behalf of the residents in the village. Armstrong is being contested for the District 3 seat by local chamber of commerce president Ben Wiper. Armstrong believes a councillor needs to be available and accessible at all times and says he's done his best to meet those requirements.

Armstrong was first elected in 2008 and is looking for his second term. He feels his experience and dedication will be an asset on the next council.

Meisner Wants Increased Transparency At MODL

A mayoralty candidate for the Municipality of Lunenburg believes there should be more openness and transparency around the council table. Kirk Meisner has announced he will challenge Don Downe for the mayor's seat in municipal elections next month. Meisner admits he has no political background but spent 23 years involved with the onshore and offshore gas industries. He feels council has been tight-lipped about the LCLC.

Meisner also believes more could be done to attract young families to the municipality. Elections will be held October 20 province-wide.

Long-time Resident Running For Bridgewater Council

A lifelong resident of Bridgewater is going after a seat on council. Dennis Woodworth has lived in the town since 1971 and says the timing is right to represent the people. He hopes residents will take advantage of their right to vote.

Woodworth feels he would be best utilized at the council level because of his volunteer service and business experience in the town. Eleven other candidates are vying for a seat when e-voting opens October 11 in Bridgewater.

South Shore Gasoline Prices Expected To Increase

While gasoline prices in many parts of the country are expected to fall tonight, here on the South Shore be prepared for prices to actually rise above the dollar-forty a litre mark. For the sixth week in a row, the price of gas is up in New Brunswick today and thats usually an indication of what may happen here when prices are set late tonight. The New Brunswick energy and utilities board has increased regular self-serve almost five cents to a new top price of $1.40.8 a litre. The price of both furnace oil and diesel have fallen this week.