Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mulcair: NDP Will Target Young Voters

Federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair says his party will target fresh faces in the lead up to the next election. Low voter turnout in the last election among those aged 18 to 25 has prompted the party to go after new voters. After a speech in Oak Island on Saturday, Mulcair told reporters it's one way the party can grow and boost its seats in the House of Commons. Mulcair calls the low turnout issue a "vexing problem".

Mulcair was visiting the South Shore for the first time since he was elected leader of the New Democrats in March. He spent part of the weekend with MLA's, MP's and delegates at the provincial NDP's annual convention.

Premier Dexter Halts Election Rumours

Premier Darrell Dexter has no plans to send Nova Scotians to the polls any time soon. He made the comments in Oak Island during the NDP's annual convention over the weekend. Opposition parties have been busy touring the province and nominating candidates over the past few weeks in advance of the next election call. In an interview with CKBW/HANK FM News, Dexter says his government plans to fulfill their five-year mandate.

Dexter says his party will begin ramping up towards the next election once the electoral boundaries commission completes its work. The committee is expected to release its final report on new electoral boundaries at the end of August.