Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Older Workers

2009-05-20 06:22:29


Hundreds of Nova Scotia's unemployed older workers will continue to benefit from programming that will help them build skills and find work. The Department of Labour and Workforce Development will continue to support the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers program thanks to a federal/provincial three-year funding extension of 4-point-two-million dollars.   Since 2007, 23 projects with almost 300 participants have been completed, with 40 per cent of participants gaining employment or opening their own businesses.  Organizations who support older workers are encouraged to
apply for funding.

Banking Card Fraud

2009-05-20 06:20:51


It sounds like there have been a few people in the Bridgewater area who have been the victims of a banking machine scam.   A CKBW listener tells us she lost a thousand dollars from  her chequing account when someone accessed it over the weekend.  Neither her purse or her card were stolen, so someone got access to her account somehow.  And Bridgewater police are investigating.  So far, there's been no release of any information so it's not clear how much they know about the scam.  There are people talking about several ATM's that may have somehow been watched or compromised in someway.  But which of the banking machines that might be affected isn't being made public at this point.