Monday, February 17, 2014

LaHave Ferry Returns To Service Monday Evening

Good news for LaHave Ferry users. The Brady E. Himmelman has underwent sea trials and will be back in service around 6pm Monday evening. Workers have fought several snow storms and icy conditions the past few weeks trying to get the ferry returned to residents. There was also a problem with the hydraulic pump, which caused another week long delay. The ferry has been out of service since January 3 after a strong wind and snow storm knocked the cable ferry loose and sent it adrift until it ran aground at Oxners Beach. It travels daily from LaHave to East LaHave.

Lunenburg: Mayor Backs Shipyard Alliance On Bluenose II

The town of Lunenburg's mayor is standing behind its shipyard alliance. Covey Island Boatworks, the Lunenburg Industrial Foundry and Engineering Ltd. and Snyder's Shipyard make up the group which is re-building the Bluenose II. The project is making headlines after the Nova Scotia government asked the auditor general to investigate its costs. However, Rachel Bailey feels the alliance isn't at fault.

The last confirmed cost of the Bluenose II was around $16-million, almost $2-million over budget. Bailey says she's interested to hear what the investigation concludes.

Bus Drivers Given Credit During Challenging Winter

It's been a challenging year for bus drivers traveling roads within the South Shore Regional School Board. Superintendent Geoff Cainen says this winter has been atrocious when talking about road conditions. Cainen says local bus drivers deserve credit. He says back roads have been a major challenge.

Even with several major storms, no major incidents involving buses and students have been reported. Cainen says bus drivers face challenges even on the best of days.

Yarmouth: Three People Charged Following Robbery

Three people face charges following a violent robbery in Yarmouth. RCMP say the incident happened in the early hours Sunday morning on Tooker Street. Police arrived on scene to find a 46-year-old man who was assaulted with a weapon. He was taken to Yarmouth hospital with serious injuries and later released. Eighteen-year-old Ronald Higby, 21-year-old Desi Sisco and 22-year-old Trevor Jacquard, all from Yarmouth, are in court today. They have been charged with several offences including robbery and assault causing bodily harm. Police say the victim and suspects know each other and it was not a random act.

Tenth Anniversary of "White Juan's" Mighty Wrath

Remember this!? Ten years ago this week, one of the South Shore's most spectacular storms bore down on the region. It was a snowy hurricane called "White Juan", just a few months after Hurricane Juan smashed into Halifax in September 2003. More than 100 centimeters of snow crippled most of the region and winds, in some cases exceeding 120 kilometers an hour, destroyed trees, roofs and power lines and tied up transportation. Many people had no power for many days. In almost two weeks, the Red Cross helped more than 30,000 people province-wide.

Shelburne County Honours Miss Ally

Porch lights in Shelburne County will be left on over the next few days to remember the five fishermen killed in a tragic fishing accident last year.  It's being seen as a way to honour the young men killed a year ago when the Miss Ally capsized in rough seas. The lobster fishing boat was based out of Woods Harbour. The five fishermen that were killed were Captain Katlin Nickerson, Joel Hopkins, Tyson Townsend, Billy Jack Hatfield and Steven Cole Nickerson. Their bodies were never recovered despite a dramatic search. During the search last year, many people left their lights on in the symbolic hope that the fishermen would find their way home.

No Injuries As Fire Destroys Windsor Home

The Red Cross is helping a young family left homeless over the weekend in the Windsor area as a result of a fire. Firefighters were called to battle the house fire on Tongue Hill Road Saturday afternoon. When they arrived, flames were coming through the garage doors. Several other fire departments were called for help. No one was hurt and the family was apparently away at the time. They're now staying with relatives.