Monday, March 30, 2009

Virus outbreak

12:22 2009-03-30

A gastrointestinal illness is making the rounds at Queens General Hospital.   And because of the outbreak among staff and patients, South Shore Health is trying to stop the spread by restricting visitation.  No one is being allowed to the Medical floor of the Liverpool hospital until further notice.  They say there might be some exceptions for immediate family of critically ill patients.   Hospital administrators say all regular outpatient services are available, they're just asking you to avoid visiting patients if you come to the hospital.

Grow op seize


 Another search and more drug charges laid by members of the South Shore Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit.
 A search warrant was issued last Friday and a team of officers headed into a home on Beech Hill Road in Gold River.
 Bridgewater police, Lunenburg county RCMP and a police services dog were involved in the raid.
 Constable Bill Wilcox says they seized an indoor marihuana grow operation with 18 pot plants, lights and marihuana. They also took a gun that was not stored safely.
 A Beach Hill resident is facing charges of production and possession of marihuana and unsafe storage of a firearm.
 The suspect still has to get a court date.

Critic criticism


Shelburne's MLA is getting blasted by the Fisheries Minister for what is being described as the final exam in hypocrisy.
Ron Chisolm chastises Sterling Belliveau for saying he was extremely happy for fishermen who will benefit from the MacDonald government's plan for a new fishery license loan program.
Chisolm is asking the NDP member to explain why he voted against the fisheries loan program in the first place when it was part of last year's budget.
The new license loan program, introduced in the 2008-2009 budget will help young people get into the commercial fishery and current license holders wanting to buy licenses for new species get access to financial capital. 

Milton closure

2009-03-30 - 06:10am

The chair of the Milton School Advisory Committee says they are comfortable with the board's decision to close the school.
Margo Walsh-Leaman says they knew the time would come when Miilton school would close but they wanted to make sure there was a plan in place.
She adds they have to remember they are there for the best interest of the kids.
Walsh-Leaman says her only concern was the mandatory closing period, but the school board addressed it during the meeting.
Under current regulations, when a board decides to close a school it must be within two years. The Department of Education is expected to change this rule, and allow the school board to set the timeline.
If the regulation does not change, the board will retract the motion to close Milton.
When a new middle school is built, Dr. John C. Wickwire will change to Grades Primary-5, the new school as Grades 6-8, and the senior high as Grades 9-12. The province has yet to announce a new school though.