Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bump In the Night

In response to speeding and other dangerous driving habits in the Arena/Community Centre parking lot, Lunenburg Town Council has approved installing speed bumps.  The rubber speed bumps will be removable to accommodate snow removal. Council has agreed to increase its capital funding for parking lot improvements in this fiscal year to 88 hundred dollars so a full set of 67 speed bumps can be purchased for installation next spring. As the province is proposing to use a large section of the parking lot for the new Bluenose Academy staff and visitor parking, the Town is asking the Department of Education to contribute 50 percent of the cost of the speed bumps.

Oh Deer

A Lunenburg couple seeking a hunting prohibition within the town limits is out of luck. Susan Dennis and Darrell Tingley requested Council to implement a by-law making it illegal to bow hunt for deer. Dennis says she's disappointed with Council's decision. She says there's plenty of area within the County for hunters that they don't have to engage in the sport within the town boundary's. Tingley says next year it could be wide open with irresponsible hunters. He says as well, with no restrictions, hunters could well decide to go after bear. Mayor Laurence Mawhinney says despite the couple's concerns, the status quo will remain. He says there are regulations through the province that currently prohibit hunters from discharging firearms within the town limits.

Smells Like Christmas

You'll be able to guarantee your Christmas tree is fresh if you buy it from a retailer displaying a banner from the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia. This is the first year the Council in partnership with the three regional Christmas tree grower associations is introducing the Christmas Tree Retail Code of Practice. To be eligible to display the signs Christmas tree retailers must agree to provide clean, freshly cut trees. The contract also calls for the maintenance of neat, orderly retail  space, customer service, and  proper tree care.

Fishermen Facing Favourable Conditions

It's the second day on the open seas for hundreds of lobster fishermen on the South Shore.

A region that stretches from Digby County along the South Shore to Halifax is considered one of the most fertile fishing markets in Atlantic Canada.

DFO Director for South Western Nova Scotia, Ian Marshall says the the first and most dangerous day of the season passed without major incident.

Marshall says two boats fishing out of Wedgeport and Westport are facing mechanical problems and will be towed to shore by Coast Guard vessels this morning.

Last year's regional fishery was worth 215  million dollars.

Lobster Exporters Face Tough Markets

South Shore markets are being flooded with lobster fresh from the sea.

A region stretching from Digby County, along the South Shore to Halifax, is considered to be one the most lucrative fishing grounds in Atlantic Canada.

As hundreds of fishermen haul traps on open water, those on shore are trying to determine a price for their product.

Denny Morrow of the "Nova Scotia Fish Packers" says exporters are doing their best to keep prices high in an unhealthy market.

"The economies of North America and Europe are better than they were two year ago, somewhat better than last year but there are still great difficulties," says Morrow.

Morrow says the bulk of the lobster being caught during this season will be shipped to the United States and Europe where debt is high, employment is low and banking systems are unsound.

Morrow says exporters are increasing sales by diversifying their product lines and expanding markets in Europe and China.

Morrow says he expects lobster to sell for "four and a quarter" per pound this season.

Last year's regional fishery was worth 215 million dollars.

Christmas Festival Funding

The federal government is getting in the festive mood by providing forty seven hundred dollars in funding for the annual "New Ross Christmas Festival".
The region's main industry growing and exporting Christmas trees and festival celebrates that with live entertainment, workshops and artisan exhibits.

M-P Gerald Keddy and Minister James Moore made the announcement this morning.

Moore says the event is a fun and festive way to boost the local economy while bringing the community together.

The contribution is provided through the "Building Communities through Arts and Heritage" fund.

The festival gets underway on December 3rd.


Several South Shore lobster fishermen are facing charges related to yesterday's start of the season.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Shelburne has charged three fishermen with hauling their traps on the same day as they were set.
A 4th lobster fisherman has been charged and charges are pending against several others for leaving port early yesterday, prior to the 7am start time.