Thursday, December 29, 2011

Curling: Dartmouth Rink Secures Top Seed at AMJ

Dartmouth's Colton Steele has grabbed the first playoff spot at the AMJ Campbell Junior Curling Championships in Windsor.  Steele topped Drew MacCormack of the host club 8-3 in today's "A" division qualifier.  Meantime, Thomas Raddall of Bridgewater dropped to 2-2 after an 11-3 setback against Stuart Thompson of Mayflower. Raddall faces elimination in tonight's 8 o'clock draw. In the junior women's division Lindsay Doucette and Micayla Dorey of Chester are both 2-1 while clubmate Mary Faye is in a must-win situation at 0-2.

Review 2011: Chester has a busy December

It was a hectic finish to 2011 for residents and council in Chester. A long standing land dispute within Wild Rose Park in Western Shore was resolved through expropriation just days before Christmas. The same day, council announced it would enter into a lease-purchase agreement with a private company to rebuild the beloved wharf within the park. During a year end interview, Warden Allen Webber admits they were big decisions to cap off a busy year. "Council has set the table, I guess is one way of describing it because we have these two big decisions - Wild Rose Park and the Western Shore Wharf - we've also received approval for $5.5 million wind energy project. Although those are big decision in this particular fiscal period, the real work starts next year and the year after,"  Webber also assured residents they won't see any tax spikes specific to the Wild Rose Park situation. Expropriating the land is expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Scam: Cleaning Company Making Rounds in Lunenburg

Seniors are the target of the latest scam circulating in Lunenburg. RCMP say tenants of two separate apartment buildings in the town have been approached by an unregistered cleaning company since Christmas. Those behind the scam offer to steam clean carpets and upholstery for set price. However, once the service has been complete the supplier attempts to charge more for extra services or work they never carried out. Those involved with the bogus company have even offered to take clients to a bank to get the extra cash. It doesn't appear the operators were successful in obtaining extra money from these clients. Mounties are urging residents to contact the Better Business Bureau before hiring private businesses.

Mawhinney: Bright Future for Historic Town

The Town of Lunenburg's long time mayor believes the future is bright for the historic community. Laurence Mawhinney is one of the longest serving mayors in Canada and has a string of 32 consecutive years in the role. In a year end interview, Mawhinney says he's still energized by the job and the community after all these years. "I've always felt if you continue to reinvent yourself with new ideas and new creativity you can keep going as long as the strength and the spirit is there - so it's a vibrant community - but also in this vibrant community we need to be able to attract younger people. I'm thinking as the shipbuilding program evolves in Nova Scotia, the next number of years are going to be invigorating for the future of Lunenburg and the South Shore," Meanwhile, Mawhinney says 2012 could be the greatest year on record for tourism in Lunenburg County. He points to the arrival of the Tall Ships and the launch of Bluenose II in the summer as examples. Mawhinney says he also looks forward to the opening of the new Bluenose Academy in the new year as well.