Sunday, February 16, 2014

Opposition Leader Suspects Bluenose II Cover-Up

Nova Scotia's Opposition Leader says there's something fishy with the excessive expenses incurred by the still-incomplete Bluenose II re-build. Jamie Baillie suspects a coverup and he's calling upon the McNeil government to come clean!

Baillie also suspects the recent "retirement" of Freedom of Information officer Dulcie MacCallum had something to do with the release of information about Bluenose II from her office. He intends to bring the issue up when the Legislature resumes sitting in the spring.

The original cost for the rebuild was $14-million. Then, it jumped to $16-million, and now, many suspect the cost will be pushing $20-million by the time its completed. Bluenose II still has not returned as Nova Scotia's sailing ambassador after nearly 4 years into the project.