Friday, May 23, 2014

Natural Sunscreen Is Best Option - Nutritionist

Ever wonder what key ingredients you should be looking for when buying sunscreen? The Canadian Health Food Association has released this summers top five trends at health food stores. Nutritionist Michelle Book says it's important to know what products you use on your skin. She says you should be looking for a natural mineral based sunscreen.

Other hot trends this summer include organic foods, watermelon, maple water and supplements with Omega-3's. The complete list of healthy trends this summer can be found at

South Shore Students Recognized By Province's Lieutenant Governor

Eleven South Shore students have been recognized by the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. Brigadier-General J.J. Grant visited Bridgewater Junior Senior High to present education medals. Two students from Bridgewater Junior Senior High, Forest Heights, Liverpool High, New Germany Rural High, Park View and one from North Queens were named recipients. The medals are handed out to a boy and girl in grade 11 who demonstrate leadership and service in their school and community while maintaining their academic standing. Staff at the schools nominate students annually. The winners are named below.

2013-2014 Recipients of the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal 

Bridgewater Junior Senior High School 
Micaela Lee Sabean
Dylan Kristopher Wile

Forest Heights Community School 
Katelyn Ann Dorey
Kelby Lionel Russell

Liverpool Regional High School 
Lori Alyssa Anthony
Jacob Daniel Mooers

New Germany Rural High School 
Katherine Margaret Hastings Porter
Avery Wesley Charles Jenkins

North Queens Rural High School 
Lukas Harold von Wahl

Park View Education Centre 
Aidan Isobel Beresford Davidson
Dante Ozgood (Ozzie) Damiani

Don't Be Swayed By Those Free Trial Offer Pop-Ups

Do you feel yourself being harassed by all those virtual "popups" coming at you while surfing the Net? They all have a common theme .... luring you into trying out a product for free with the option of purchasing later on. The Better Business Bureau is receiving daily complaints from Maritime consumers who've been taken for a ride by these offers. The BBB's Jill Atkinson says its a mine-field out there for consumers and you have to be careful with the so called Free Trial Offers.

Atkinson says there are many legitimate companies offering their products on a free trial basis but you need to do research. There are just as many on-line scams though, whose only purpose is to steal your personal financial information and money.

Here are suggestions from the Better Business Bureau:

Know the company you are dealing with. Consumers have advised that they don’t know where the company is located, do not have a telephone number and sometimes do not have an actual company name just a product name.

Research the company online. Check with BBB for a Business Review on the company. Check online to see what other people are saying about the company’s free trial. Complaints from other consumers can raise some red flags about the company, product or service.

Know what the terms and conditions are for the offer. Always take the time to read the fine print.  If the company does not post what the terms and conditions are in its ads, or on its website then this should be a red flag to not sign up.

Look for who’s behind the offer. Just because you are on a website doesn’t mean that the “pop-up” is for that company.

Watch out for pre-checked boxes. Take the time to look for already checked boxes. That checkmark may give the company the go ahead to continue the offer past the free trial or sign you up for more products that you have to pay for.

Mark your calendar. Most free trial offers have a time limit. Once it passes without you telling the company to cancel your order, you may be on the hook for more products.

Read you credit and debit card statements. That way you will know if you have been charged for something that you didn’t order. If you have been charged, contact the company immediately to sort it out. If this does not work then contact your credit card company to dispute the charges.

Gasoline Prices Have Increased

Gas prices have increased overnight at South Shore pumps. Regular self serve is up 2 cents this morning to $1.39.3 a litre. High test is up by the same to $1.48.2. Diesel has increased just over a cent to $1.36.3.