Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Health Board

2009-05-12 12:05:36


Nova Scotia's Health Minister has appointed one new member and re-appointed three others to the Board of Directors for South Shore Health.  Christopher Clarke, Walter Freeman and Doug Nauss are all returning to the board.  Dr. Al Doucet is the new face. He has practised as a family physician in Liverpool for 31 years and was a recent president of the District's Medical Staff. He retired from family practice last year and is currently working part time as South Shore Health's physician leader for Continuing Care.  Dr. Doucet replaces retiring Board Member Dr. David Large who did not reoffer for his position.

Salmon Habitat

2009-05-12 12:03:26


Community groups in two south shore counties and across Nova Scotia will soon be starting projects to improve fish habitat in their local river systems. The money is coming from the Nova Scotia Sportfish Habitat Fund.     Repairing stream channels, planting trees to stabilize banks, and restoring historic trout and salmon migration routes are all parts of projects supported by the Adopt-a-Stream program.       Fisheries and Aquaculture director of inland fisheries Murray Hill says the many volunteer groups across the province who have waterway projects should be proud of their work.          Over the next year, 18 community groups will receive money from the 2009 Nova Scotia Sportfish Habitat Fund. A five-dollar and 44-cent fee added to the general and salmon fishing licences in the province provides the income for the fund.
 Two projects are earmarked in Lunenburg County: The LaHave River Salmon Association will get $12,000. And for there is $15,000 for Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation for work on Mushamush River. In Queens County, there's $400 for the Medway River Salmon Association.   Additional information on sportfishing can be found online at  www.gov.ns.ca/fish/sportfishing .


Queens Ballot

2009-05-12 06:15:20


It's now official - the ballot is set with all three candidates in place.   Kerry Morash is the Conservative party candidate in Queen's.  Morash - a lifelong Queens resident - was first elected in 1999 and re-elected in 2003.  He was acclaimed as candidate at a nomination meeting Monday night.    He has served as caucus chair and held two portfolios in cabinet and most recently was Rural Outreach Coordinator.  Morash was defeated by the NDP's Vicki Conrad in 2006 - the first time the Tories lost in Queens in fifty years.  Many said it was the lack of a Liberal candidate in the riding that allowed the NDP to take the seat by 55 ballots last time. The Grits have Wayne Henley on the ballot this time.  Conrad is fighting to hold onto the seat for the New Democrats heading into a very competitive campaign.