Friday, May 14, 2010

Earth Day challenge results

Everything from coffee cups with coffee still in them to pop bottles that were twenty years old were picked up on Earth Day this year.

Over 2500 people were involved in this year's Earth Day Challenge in the Province.

Every year Region 6 Solid Waste Management in Liverpool and the Earth Day Planning Committee teams up with Clean Nova Scotia and their The Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up program.

Emergency room closures first annual report

Fisherman's memorial hospital is working to enhance collaborative practice to reduce emergency room closures.

Approximately 19-thousand hours was the results of emergency room closures in the Province last year.

With Fisherman's having 158 hours of unscheduled closure.

Vice President in medicine for the health authority and the acting CEO, Dr Peter Vaughan, says they're working with physicians, nurse practitioner and other help care providers to enhance collaborative practice.