Wednesday, September 1, 2010


RCMP are investigating a Break and Enter in Auburndale.

Lunenburg RCMP are requesting public assistance in solving a break and enter into a shed and a theft from a vehicle on the Auburndale Road.

The incident occurred overnight on Saturday, August 21st.

Those responsible caused damage to four sheds and stole money and a hammer from an unlocked vehicle.

Anyone with information concerning this incident is asked to contact the Lunenburg County RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Funding for Seniors

Seniors at risk of financial, emotional, physical, and other forms of elder abuse will be safer and more informed after 270 thousand dollars in annual grants for community-based programs. Seniors Minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse says the province is inviting proposals from community organizations interested in supporting a local seniors' safety program. Funding is available to a maximum of 20 thousand dollars per program, per year. The programs develop and enhance awareness about seniors' safety topics in communities, promote communication between seniors and police, and encourage more contact between seniors and young people. More information on the grants and application forms are available at .

Red Cross Ready for EARL

The Canadian Red Cross says its emergency teams and equipment are ready to respond if their help is needed in the wake of hurricane Earl this weekend. The Red Cross has about 900 disaster volunteers in Atlantic Canada, organized geographically into 21 emergency response teams. They're trained and equipped to provide services like setting up and managing shelters or keeping track of those who might be evacuated due to flooding, storm surges or other infrastructure damage. Bill Lawlor, director of disaster management for the Red Cross in Atlantic Canada says now is also the time for individuals to take some precautions such as making - or updating - a household emergency plan, a list of key contacts, and a disaster kit to use at home or grab-and-go if evacuated. Tips on making a plan and a kit are online at


French students in Cookville will have to wait another day to say "bonjour" to a new facility.

Construction is taking longer than expected.

But principal of the Le Centre Scolaire de la Rive-Sud says it will be well worth the wait.

Diane Racette says everything about the building is bigger and better.

"There is no comparison. We are right now in a very old building so that in itself is a huge improvement. So we're going into school with a better ventilation system. We are also going into a school that is just filled with windows so we'll have a lot of natural light coming in, " says Racette.

The facility also holds a community centre, daycare, a music room and more classrooms.

The school is built to accommodate about 250 students.

With 159 students registered so far, Racette says there's room to grow.

"Even though were not at capacity right now I don't think it will be long before we are," says Racette.

Classes start September 7th.

Parents are welcome at accompany their children on the first day of school for a treasure hunt and barbecue.

Registration is still open.


Chester RCMP responded to a call of vandalism today.

A driver returned to their vehicle, parked at the Car Pool Parking Lot, to find the windshield smashed.

The damage was incurred sometime between the 27th and the 29th August.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Chester RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


Lunenburg RCMP are investigating a hit-and run.

A collision occurred on Highway 12 near the Gold River Bridge in New Ross yesterday morning around 8 o'clock.

Police say a fully loaded logging truck, travelling north, struck a small blue car.

No injuries were reported.

Investigators are seeking the driver of the truck who, they say, is likely unaware the accident even occurred.

Anyone with information concerning the incident is asked to contact Chester RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


St. Margaret's Bay residents have a bone to pick with the province's transportation minister but they're also going to give him a gift.

Many residents are opposed to the government's proposal to build a connector road from highway 103 into the community.

The plan was devised without any prior consultation with residents in the area.

They fear properties will be expropriated and the way of life in the community disturbed.

Residents' spokesman Sean Kirby says their opposition hasn't wavered a bit through the summer.

However, they've got a present for the minister ... a check for ten million dollars.

Sean Kirby says... "its equal to the proposed cost of the connector road.
He says politicians love to hand out big cheques but the residents want to give this one back because they believe the money should be spent on more important things like improved highway safety in this province."

St. Margaret's Bay residents are calling for a referendum to decide whether the connector road should be built.

They've been very vocal on the issue in recent months with a public meeting in Black Point back in June and a write-in campaign to the minister's office.


The latest forecast from the Canadian Hurricane Centre in Dartmouth says hurricane Earl continues on its projected track and is likely to affect South Shore residents and others throughout Atlantic Canada by the weekend.

The powerful Category 3 storm, packing maximum sustained winds of 213 kilometres an hour, is moving northwest and is currently about 740 kilometres east of Nassau in the Bahamas.

The centre's Chris Fogerty says Earl is expected to continue its northwestward track before heading more towards the north.

Heavy wave action as a result of Earl should start showing up on South Shore beaches tomorrow.