Sunday, May 30, 2010

Air Testing at Schools

Air Quality testing will be carried out shortly at New Ross Consolidated and South Queens Junior High Schools. South Shore Regional School Board Superintendent, Nancy Pynch-Worthylake says there's been some ongoing concerns with the building in South Queens so air testing will allow them to check for some levels in that building. She says in New Ross they are using one of the classrooms for regional storage and as part of that they are going to do some testing before they finalize that.
Pynch-Worthylake says this is a response to a request to have some air quality checks and totally separate from the radon tests done at schools. New Ross Consolidated was one of 11 schools in the province tested for the presence of radon, an invisible, odourless gas caused by the breakdown of rock and soil.

Transportation Awards

For the second year in a row, the South Shore Regional School Board has received the Gold Award during the Nova Scotia Pupil Transportation Conference. Superintendent Nancy Pynch-Worthylake says this is particularly impressive given that significant deficiencies were identified by the Utility and Review Board and the Auditor General just over two years ago. The award is presented for high scores in Driver Training, Accident Reporting and Frequency, Fleet Preventative Maintenance, Fleet Body Maintenance, Stops per Mile, Luggage and Passenger Loads, Trips Inspection and Hours of Work, Garage Cleanliness and Safety Practices and Bus Cleanliness and Appearance. The South Shore achieved the lowest mechanical deficiency rating across the province

School Board Approves Budget

The South Shore Regional School Board has approved an 84 million dollar budget . Revenues included the use of 275 thousand dollars in accumulated surplus. Board Chair Elliott Payzant says staff worked very hard to protect classrooms and regional services to students, and they were successful at doing so. The overall pupil/teacher ratio was improved and the number of program support assistants has been increased. Payzant says The Board has maintained or increased classroom teachers, guidance, program support teachers, reading recovery, physical education, alternate programs, adult high school programs, options and opportunities, and cooperative education. As well, as per the Board commitment, regional staff was reviewed in terms of Board goals and efficiency. Staffing for the 2010-11 school year has begun and will continue over the summer. Capital projects, including upgrades to improve efficiency will also take place over the summer.