Friday, December 23, 2011

BREAKING: Wild Rose Park Wharf to Undergo Major Facelift

It's a big announcement surrounding the restoration of an important piece of Wild Rose Park. The Municipality of the District of Chester will enter into a lease purchase agreement with a new private-sector company to rebuild the wharf. The company is called Western Shore Wharf Corporation Limited and Warden Allen Webber says they have agreed to invest into the restoration project. "They will spend in the order of $400,000 on upgrades to the wharf, lease it from us for five years with some ability for exclusive use also guaranteeing the public full access to the facility," The company will have the option of buying the wharf from the municipality once the work in complete for $1.00 with restrictions that it remain open for public use. Webber says the municipality could buy the wharf back for the same price from Wharf Corp down the road.  The dilapidated wharf has been a sore spot for many residents and visitors because it does limit access to the ocean.