Monday, February 22, 2010

Agricultural Review Public Hearing

Residents of Lunenburg and surrounding area are invited to
the Provincial Agricultural Review public meeting this Wednesday night.
It's one of a series of public meetings focusing on determining the future of Nova Scotia's agricultural lands. A brief presentation from the Agricultural Land Review Committee Chair, Richard Williams will open the public discussion. Wednesday's meeting is scheduled for 7 o'clock a the Lunenburg Fire Hall

New CT Scanner for South Shore Health

A new CT scanner should be up and running at South Shore Regional Hospital in April. South Shore Health CEO Alice Leverman says the Department of Health contributed 1.1 million to purchase a new machine to replace their current 11 year old scanner. The cost is a little bit in addition to the money given by government, so Leverman says they'll be looking to the hospital foundations for support in filling the gap of 92 thousand dollars.
The Health Department is also providing 600 thousand dollars for a new digital mammography unit for South Shore Health. That's expected to be in place in March.

New Town Street

He owned a tannery, a boot and shoe factory and mercantile store. Now he's being honoured with a street named after him. Bridgewater Town Council has approved the new street leading to the future Lawton's store be named Waterman Street. The recommendation was put forward by the Heritage Advisory Committee. J.E. Waterman and Company , later called Waterman Tanning Limited was located on Victoria Road. In 1871 the company employed 6 men and 1 woman. The original tannery was torn down in 1904 and rebuilt on the same site.

Grants Policy on Hold

Bridgewater Town Council will see another budget year go by without having established a "Grants to Organizations Policy". Mayor Carroll Publicover says its been kicked around more times than most footballs in the playgrounds of the county. He says in the end of it all, it may not be something that a policy solves.He says there's always an exception to the rule, and it might be an issue Council has to sit down and use its best judgement and decide how much is given to which group and for what purpose. Publicover says it wouldn't be fair to the people who have already submitted requests for grants to change the process at this stage. However, he says a policy will definately be in place for the next fiscal year.