Thursday, November 5, 2009

Snow turning to Rain

It may end up more wet than white by later in the day. According to Environment Canada, a low pressure centre is forming off the Carolina coast this morning. It is expected to deepen rapidly as it passes off the Shelburne coast after midnight on it's way to lie just east of Cape Breton Island late Friday. Strong northeasterly winds will develop overnight over the province and strengthen considerably out of the north on Friday as the low passes by. Rain is expected where winds blow onshore off the warm sea. Wet snow is expected tonight inland especially over higher terrain. Areas away from the sea may have amounts of wet snow up to 10 Centimetres. However..the weather office says these same areas will see increasing amounts of rain rather than snow through Friday as temperatures moderate. They are asking people to keep an ear on the forecast as conditions and details may change.

Inflated Tire Demand

With snow in the forecast, snowtires are top of mind. And it's extremely busy at the tireshops on the south shore today. Wally Pike with Goodyear Tire Center says it's been non-stop for the past few days since the talk started about the upcoming snowfall. He says they were there until late last night and it will likely be the same story in the next few days. Valley Tire staff has been busy as well trying to fit in all of the customers who have been stopping in for winter treads. And Rick Womboldt of G-C-R tire center says it's the same at their shop. He feels winter tires are more top-of-mind this season because of what happened last year. There was a shortage of tires in the maritimes because Quebec had legislated the use of winter tires. He says it sparked interest and has educated drivers about the benefits of snow tires. Most of the shops that sell or service tires are very busy with some booking appointments for next week even with extended hours trying to catch up to the demand.

Gearing Up

It's the first forcast snowfall of the season. And crews with the Department of Transportation are gearing up for whatever comes down tomorrow. Snowfall of between 2 and 10 centimeters could be hitting inland areas through tonight and tomorrow. It's expected to be rain along the coastal areas of the south shore. There's a good supply of salt on hand and the mechanics are getting the ploughs ready for the snow tomorrow. But the biggest factor will be how drivers deal with the first snowfall. And D-O-T crews are hoping people will use care and caution as they head out on potentially slippery roads.

Registry Wounded

The federal long-gun registry was in the crosshairs of Parliamentarians. A bill to dismantle the registry came up for a vote where it passed 164 to 137. South Shore/St. Margaret's M-P Gerald Keddy says he has been clear from the very beginning, he's never changed his position and never wavered on this bill against the registry for rifles and shotguns. Keddy says along with saving money, the streets will be safer because of more police officers being available with the money that will be saved. Meantime, Quebec's public safety minister has written to all M-Ps in the province, demanding they vote against the private member's bill tabled by the Conservatives. The legislation now goes to committee for further study and possible changes.