Friday, April 13, 2012

Queens Manor Open for Public Visits

The Queens Manor in Liverpool has re-opened to family and friends of its residents. The manor had been off limits for the past two weeks due to an outbreak of the flu. Officials say no new cases were reported in the last week giving them the ability to open to the public.

Bridgewater Mayor Reacts to Brothel Allegations

Carroll Publicover

Bridgewater's mayor believes the town's proximity to Halifax could be behind the operation of an alleged bawdy house in the town. The community is buzzing after an arrest was made in relation to the brothel. Carroll Publicover is glad police took swift action dismantling the house and making an arrest. He says HRM has grown so much, it casts a 100-kilometre sphere bringing crime to rural areas.
"Its tentacles go out past Truro, out past Bridgewater, down to Kentville; any sort of criminal element that operates in HRM, is operating in that sphere. There's just no doubt about that."
 He notes, Bridgewater likely isn't the only rural community to have a brothel.
"It's not something you like to hear but it's what it is. How many other communities in Nova Scotia have them? They could be in a number of communities, I don't know."
Publicover would like to see more neighbourhood watches created to help alleviate the issue. A 30-year-old Halifax woman has been arrested in relation to the matter and will appear in court next month.

Shelburne Stand-Off Ends Peacefully

Some tense moments on a residential street in Shelburne. Police had to shut down Commission Street around supper time on Wednesday after they received a complaint regarding a man with firearms. Mounties say nearby residents were asked to leave their homes as a precaution until the situation was resolved. No injuries were reported and the man surrendered to police after a stand-off that last about 45 minutes. RCMP say they seized three long guns and a bow and arrow from the home. The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending.

MODL votes against endorsing School Board size

The Municipality of Lunenburg will not submit a recommendation to the Utility and Review Board on the size of the local school board. Council defeated a motion to endorse a nine member plus two at-large representative board put forward by former member Karen Reinhardt. The motion fell by a 6-5 margin. Councillor Sandra Statton says she wasn't convinced by Reinhardt's presentation.
"We're taking one persons recommendation because she did a presentation here and a few signatures and we're running with a recommendation to the URB and I don't feel that we're in a position to do that and I think we are acting out of not having enough information and not doing enough due diligence on this, so I won't be supporting this."
Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Frank Fawson says the issue of small schools closing has a big impact on the community.
"I certainly think with greater representation there's a stronger likelihood that those schools will be kept open and maintained by the school board, so, I think the option that Karen Reinhardt put forth goes one step further then what the school board put forth and provides the community of interest and the representation, both."
The school board endorsed three options with its first selection being six-members with two at-large representatives. The URB will hold a public hearing on the matter May 2nd at the school board office.