Wednesday, May 28, 2014

100 Men Give To Support South Shore Charities

A group of men are looking to donate money to local charities. 'One Hundred Men Who Give A Damn' are a group of volunteers that are forming to help South Shore charitable organizations. The group gathers an annual donation of $400 from each member. It will award money four times a year to local charities. Organizer Jonathan Lewis feels the grassroots system could be a big help for local groups.

Lewis says they have 30 people committed to help at the moment but expects that to grow over the next few months. The group will award money to their first charity Thursday night at 6:30 at the Mahone Bay Centre. For more information, check out their website here .

New Leadership To Oversee Bluenose II Project

Premier Stephen McNeil has made a bold move in an effort to get some control of the Bluenose II project. David Darrow, deputy minister to the premier and clerk of the Executive Council, will assume oversight of the Bluenose II restoration project. Darrow has a background in engineering, large-scale project management, and with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. McNeil says his government has already taken steps to look into the handling of the project by asking the auditor general to conduct a full review of the project. He says Nova Scotians want answers about what's taken place on the project. This mornings delay in pre-sea trials - is just the latest in a series of setbacks for Bluenose II.

Skin Cancer Most Common/Fastest Rising

The Canadian Cancer Society is out with some alarming new data on skin cancer rates. Statistics show skin cancer is most common in Canada with an estimated 6,500 new cases expected to be diagnosed this year. Meanwhile, women in Nova Scotia have the highest rates of melanoma in Canada while men rank second in behind Prince Edward Island. Canadian Cancer Society spokesperson Kelly Cull says that's a major concern.

During the summer, the Canadian Cancer Society will begin an awareness campaign to talk about the dangers of tanning - they will target adults between 15 and 39. The risk of skin cancer is higher among those with pale skin, red hair, moles or spend long periods of time in the sun.

MODL: Councillors Actions To Be Probed

A municipal councillor will be investigated under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. A motion was made Tuesday night at a meeting held by the Municipality of Lunenburg. Councillor Don Zwicker made the motion following Frank Fawson's request to to remove streetlights in Dayspring, and recent comments questioning the openness and transparency of council. Fawson could lose his seat if found to be in conflict of interest. Zwicker says council has been under extreme pressure over the last few months because of the actions.

Zwicker also requested legal opinion to determine if Fawson and Councillor Terry Dorey were in breach of the municipal code of conduct suggesting the municipality isn't open or transparent without evidence. No action could be taken if Dorey or Fawson breached code of conduct.

Bridgewater: Surgeries Resume At Regional Hopsital

The three operating rooms at the largest hospital on the South Shore have re-opened after surgeries were put on hold because of air exchange issues. South Shore Health says elective surgeries resumed today at the regional hospital in Bridgewater. The ``OR`` closed Monday afternoon after maintenance staff found a badly worn part in the ventilation system. The system needs to be working properly in order for infection prevention. A total of 30 patients were impacted by the temporary closure of the operating rooms. Those procedures are in the process of being rescheduled.

More Delays For Bluenose II

Another delay in the comeback of Bluenose Two! The famous schooner was set to head out into Lunenburg Harbour this morning for pre-sea trials to check the engine, steering and anchor. However, the trip has been put off. According to the Deputy Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage, the delay seems to involve a misunderstanding. Kelliann Dean tells us, verbal approval from Transport Canada for the trip turned out to be not good enough. Actual paper work was needed which the department hasn't received yet from the insurer, the American Bureau of Shipping.

Meanwhile, PC Opposition Leader Jamie Baillie says the issue surrounding Bluenose Two has become a joke and smacks of mis-management.

A new date for the pre-trial hasn't been set. Bluenose Two has undergone an extensive rebuild costing in excess of 16-million dollars and still hasn't returned to service as the province's sailing ambassador.